Educational Psychology and Leadership Studies at UVic

In educational psychology and leadership
studies we’re interested in education and how it helps people. Whether that’s
through leadership or community engagement or psychology, what we’re
interested in is to figure out how we can make the world a better place
through those different perspectives. So I decided to study educational
psychology at UVic because I saw that the program was wide in terms of teaching
different areas and not specializing only in one area. Things that make UVic
unique in terms of studying counseling psychology for me has been the size of
the program and the support that we get from the faculty, being rigorous and very
supportive. It was important to me to have an Indigenous curriculum in the
master of counseling program because I’m Cree and I wanted to learn Cree skills
from Elders and professionals in the field. I think the overall aim is to
impact how learners learn and improve learning experience and really instill
in students a sense of competency and confidence. I’ve been a police officer
for 30 years and now I’m the Chief of the Central Saanich Police Service. And I
turn to the academic community through the leadership studies program at the
University of Victoria to see if there’s ways that I can improve my own personal
practice of leadership. Now what I found is opportunities to improve policing
across the country by looking at new models that are just on the edge of
research. And hopefully creating something that is helpful to police
officers across the country when it comes to how do we behave as leaders.
We are a human beings and psychologists study humans and it’s about the
science of learning, how we learn, right? And so finding out how things work for
us to learn will help us in education as well.

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