Educational Paw Patrol Video (Learn With The Pups’ Favorite Toys)

You’re watching Learn & Play with your favorite toys. Hi friends, we’re the Paw Patrol. I’m Ryder and these are my pups. We love helping anyone who needs help and we spend a lot of time saving our friends in Adventure Bay. But when we’re not being heroes we love to play with toys. So today we’re each going to show you our favorite toy. Alright, my favorite toy is my Legos. See I have my own little box. You open it like this. And this is one of my favorites. Miss Fritter from the Cars 3 movie And I made this cool little airplane race car so it can fly and drive. And this is just one of my favorite minifigures he’s wearing an elephant costume And you can see I’ve got a lot of different colors I love playing with Legos because you can be really creative and I can make something new every time I play with them Well Everest, what’s your favorite toy? My favorite toy is a dino grabber. See it has this little arm and if you push the arm his mouth moves. So Chase, I can actually help you pick up your Legos with my dino grabber. See? Pretty cool, huh? You can pick up all kinds of things with these dino grabbers. Oh you tried to roll away. Alright, Miss Fritter might be tough because she’s bigger, let’s see. I might need help with that. Alright, there we go. Well Marshall it’s your turn. What’s your favorite toy? Well my favorite toy is my keyboard because I love music and I love making music, watch guys. Ta-dah! I’m still learning. And guess what? Skye also likes music but her toy is a little different Yes, I have a CD player and I love to listen to my music and I love to dance so here’s how it goes Press this little button the play button Come on Rocky! Wooh! Alright Alright now it’s Rocky’s turn. Rocky tell us about your favorite toy Well, I love puzzles and this is my favorite kind of puzzle. It’s called the Rubik’s Cube because it’s shaped like a cube see. And you can turn it and you’re trying to get each face this is a face try to get each face to have all the same color squares. Okay, so it’s really hard. I’m still practicing, but I never give up. And that’s my Rubik’s Cube. Alright Ryder. You’re the last one. What’s your favorite toy? Well, actually I love books so instead of a toy I decided to choose my favorite book and this book is called Pete the Cat and the Tip-Top Treehouse. I love Peter the Cat books. He’s such a fun character. And you know how I know this says Pete the Cat? Because I like to practice my letter sounds look at the first letter here “P” says Puh and I know that this word is Pete The This word begins with a “C”. I know “C” says Ca “A” says Aah and and “T” says Ti. If I put those sounds together Ca Aah Ti. Ca Aah Ti, Cat! I can read the word cat! So, Pete the Cat books are also really great for me to practice reading with so if you’ve never read a Pete the Cat book you should definitely check one out. And that’s why I chose this as my favorite toy, even though really it’s a book Now it’s time to play a game, kids at home do you want to play a game with us? This is a guessing game. Can you guess which pup has a name that begins with the letter “M”? It’s Marshall! Yes, “M” says mmm like Marshall. Good job! Now can you guess which pup has a name that begins with the letter “E”? I’ll give you a hint it’s a female pup. Remember the letter “E” says Eh. It’s Everest! Yes, it’s Everest! Everest starts with “E”. The next member of the Paw Patrol has a name that begins with the letter “R”. Also, he is not a pup. It’s Ryder! It’s Ryder, yes. “R” says Ruh. Like Ryder. Excellent Our last pup loves to fly, her name begins with the letter “S”. Remember “S” says Sih. It’s Skye! Yes, it’s Skye! Good job everybody that was a great game. Subscribing you makes it easy for you to find our videos next time. Thanks for watching and please click Subscribe!

17 thoughts on “Educational Paw Patrol Video (Learn With The Pups’ Favorite Toys)”

  1. My daughter is a huge Paw Patrol fan. Skye and Marshall are her favorites. She is also just starting to read. Thanks for the video.

  2. We love paw patrol!! Such a great video! Brady’s favourite toy is his woody, buzz and Jessie dolls from toy story 😊

  3. Educational Paw Patrol Video Learn With The Pups' Favorite Toys is fantastic video!!Good job my friend! Big like 15 Happy to be your friend

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