Educational Leadership Doctoral Program at Cal Poly Pomona

The Cal Poly Pomona Doctoral Program for Educational
Leaders was designed for principals, assistant superintendents, teachers from many different
areas to learn from each other as leaders. And helping us see the bigger picture to try
and serve our community better. Being in the program actually helped me a
lot because Cal Poly was able to give me those skills and those ideas and just the information
that I needed as a new principal. Our classes are offered as a seminar approach
with a lot of exchange and deep discussion of research articles. Almost all of our assignments in our courses
have to do with real problems of practice, that is, what are our students facing in their
districts and schools. The professor were very knowledgeable on what
they were teaching us. And they want to make sure that we are doing
our best and they are very supportive of making sure we are going to get through it. Being able to see each other every day before
our learning starts and being able to connect, that’s what makes the program real. We have things that we deal with in our different
professions, and when we come together face to face, then we are able to actually help
eachother even more. And after they graduate, they are still great
friends and a great support in the professional field. Cal Poly focuses a lot on equity and social
justice, and that’s something I am passionate about. I’m passionate about student advocacy, and
making sure that students have the equal access they need in order to one successful. But in the end there is also a moral imperative,
because I want to make sure that I am a good role model for others and at the same time
that I am contributing to my field of study. The program made me believe that I am a leader
and those leadership skills can impact hundreds of students at a time. Cal Poly has giving me the opportunity to
really build my own capacity in order for me to expand on what I want to do as an educator. We share these values with our students and
I think they feel that very strongly. We are not just here to teach them content,
we are here to engage with them to make the world a better place for all our children. A doctoral program is very challenging but
when you are done and you get your diploma and you graduate and your dissertation is
uploaded, you feel like you’ve accomplished so much! Our Cal Poly experience was very unique. The
closeness of the cohorts the support from our professors. Everything along the way in the journey of
the doctoral program actually catered and was responsive to my needs. I don’t know that I could have done it had
I’ve been in a program that wasn’t face to face and I didn’t have a relationship with
the person who coached me through. So I think if you yearning to improve your
leaderships skills, I think the doctoral program is just right for you.

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