Educational Gifts for Kids! | 12 Best Educational Toys

so you’re looking for educational
presents for your kid may be an alternative to video games in this video
I’ll be covering 12 super fun gifts for all ages and all budgets coming up
Hey there I’m Sam and today I’m going to be covering the twelve best
educational gifts that you can give your kid this Christmas if you like this
video consider subscribing and make sure you watch to the end because I’m gonna
be making a special offer all right let’s jump in the first budget I’m gonna
cover is gifts under $30 and the first gift in this category is a Rubik’s Cube
now you can pick up a high-quality 3×3 for around $10 on Amazon this is a great
problem solving and skill building toy for all ages and just so you know I’m
going to be linking all the things I mention in the description of this
video so definitely go check them out the second gift in this category is an
Arduino now there’s plenty of starter kits for Arduino which come with lots of
different components and I’ve done some research and I’ve found my favorite one
under $30 in the description ok so now let’s move on to the 30 to 50 dollar
gift range and the first gift in this range is a snap circuit set now a snap
circuit set is a really great introduction to electronics and
circuits but without the extra safety hazard of soldering or using things like
wire strippers the kit that I’ve linked has over 300 projects included in the
box the second gift in this bracket is the do-it-yourself drone made by Radio
Shack now you will need a soldering iron fist but you can actually get a super
cheap one and fit it within the 50 dollar budget this is a super great
intro to electronics and wiring and it would be a good end goal to motivate
your kid to go through the project and they’ll have a great sense of
accomplishment when they’re done alright now we’re going to be taking a look at
the 50 to 80 dollar price range so the first gift is this range is the makerBuino kit now this kit is a do-it-yourself retro gaming console I
mean how cool is that especially if you’re a kid that’s into gaming to be
able to build their own gaming console is so cool and the other thing I
absolutely love about this kit is it includes all the different tools that
you need to complete it overall I think this is a fantastic intro to electronics
and wiring there’s a huge library of free games out there for these but
alternatively they can use free software to actually try coding their own game
the second gift idea for this range is a really good option if your kid is more
on the creative than technical side of things and that would be a wood burning
kit now I’ve linked a $34.00 kit in the description which also leaves room to
buy some wood blanks for them to start out with and I’ve linked a good option
for those as well alright moving on to the 80 to 100 dollar price range and the
type of stuff you can get in this range is just insane so let’s jump right in so
the first gift in this range is the Droid inventor kit by tinyBits it’s
usually listed for $99 on Amazon but it’s on sale for $69 so go check it out
this kit is a fantastic intro into electronics wiring and code that’s right
it’s fully programmable using note based programming which is one of my favorite
ways of introducing kids to software and come on what kid doesn’t want their own
r2d2 right my second recommendation for this price range is a K’nex thrill
ride kit specifically one called Panther attack for our price range I had
one of these when I was younger and they’re a ton of fun now again this is
not on the technical side of things so maybe this is a good choice for your kid
who’s a little bit more creative but still is definitely going to reinforce
the concepts of mechanics and architectural design the last budget I
have is gifts over $100 and to me there’s only one obvious choice for a
gift of this price range a 3d printer in my opinion a 3d printer
is the best thing a kid can have in his or her life to promote education and
learning they are a fantastic way of introducing your kid to the world of
engineering now keep in mind you are going to need a computer in order to run
one of these but it doesn’t have to be anything special you can use a cloud
based design software and a lightweight slicer like idea maker I linked my very
top choices for low budget reliable printers in the description of every
gift I listed I consider this to have the most value and impact on the kids
life which brings me to the offer I mentioned at the beginning of the video
if you buy a 3d printer for your kid this year because of my video I will
offer personalized support with any issues you might have all you have to do
is direct message me on Instagram and I’ll be happy to help with any questions
about software print quality or any other issues that you might be having
and that goes for considering buying a printer as well if you’re considering it
and not sure whether it’s the best choice or what printer to get I’m happy
to help I care so much about getting science technology engineering and math
into kids lives and I believe 3d printing to be one of the most powerful
tools in order to accomplish that thanks a ton for watching this video please
like and subscribe if you enjoyed it and I’ll see you next time bye

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