Educational Games

hi guys I wanted to do a quick video because I’ve had a couple of conversations on social media about educational games and schools using them as part of the curriculum In fact I think it’s teachers that have been asking what’s my view on that and I thought it was really good timing because I actually had a parent email to me a concern about this and we’ll enter some video right here so you can see what was sent to me by that parent So you can see that that parent what he’s grappling with is he’s actually got four boys and so the oldest one I think he’s seven he said has some kind of maths game that’s you know been gamified so that it makes maths fun and that’s a really great idea I suppose you know in theory to get kids playing and doing math his concern with it was that it was prescribed for home so he had to do it at home and that there was probably in his view anyway 10 or 15 minutes of games followed by like 5 minutes of maths and so he said to get any meaningful work done it was taking like half an hour or 40 minutes his concerns was also a second part that he raised a really good point around all the other kids that he has are the three younger boys all they were just glued to the screen as well so his view he had sort of four boys then that were glued to a screen for 30 or 40 minutes for maybe one of them really getting any kind of meaningful learning so look I don’t know I think it’s really tricky for schools and for parents and it’s something that we should all have a conversation about because it doesn’t necessarily mean it’s better just because we can “gamify” stuff like this I hope that helps guys

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