Educational Dinosaur Video for Children – Educational Toys for Kids -Tyrannosaurus Rex Excavation

Hey, guys! Today we’re gonna find a fossil. I hope it’s a T-rex! Geoworld’s Dino Excavation Kit Hey, guys! Look what we found… … a fossil To help us in the excavation, We have a pickaxe, a brush, and a chisel Guys, this is a T-Rex! It has sharp teeth! I think it’s a T-Rex! T-Rex had pointed dagger-like teeth. It was a big meat eating dinosaur. It ate other large dinosaurs like triceratops. This T-Rex is over 65 million years old The tyrannosaurus was the king of all the dinosaurs It lived in the late Cretaceous. It’s over 13 meters long and 5 meters high. I think we have found the rib cage! I want to be like Dr. Grant from Jurassic Park. We found the feet. The strong hind leg was armed with big pointed claws. We have all the parts! Let’s go put them together. It’s done! Hey, guys! Wasn’t that fun! If you want some more, subscribe! This is Pio the Paleontologist signing out! Bye!

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