Educational Credential Assessment Process

The Federal Skilled Worker
Program has changed. You must follow a new step. If you apply to
immigrate to Canada, an organization approved by
the Government of Canada must assess your foreign education
against Canadian standards. You can find a list of these
organizations on our website. Citizenship and Immigration will
use this assessment to give you points for education in your
immigration application. Along with other criteria,
these points will help to determine if you qualify
to immigrate under the Federal Skilled Worker Program. You can find more
information on the application points system on our website. Your assessment will show
how your foreign education compares to a
Canadian education. Here is what you have to do. Go to our website. Type "Educational
Credential Assessment" or "ECA" in the search box. You will find a list of approved
organizations to choose from. There might be a professional
organization specific to your intended occupation. If there is, you must choose it. If there isn't, choose from one of the general
organizations listed. Check the
organization's website. This website will tell you
what documents you must provide to have your education assessed. It will also tell you
the cost of this assessment and how long it will take. The organization
will send you an original Educational Credential
Assessment, or ECA, report. Your report must show that your
foreign education is equivalent to a completed Canadian
education in order to apply. Points will be awarded
according to how your education compares to a completed
Canadian program of study. You must include this report
in your immigration application. Please keep in mind
that your assessment is for application
purposes only. Your assessment does
not guarantee a job in your skills area or at
your level of experience. Also, if you intend
to work in a profession that requires a
license in Canada, you will still need to
apply for that license. A few examples
of such professions include engineering,
teaching, or dentistry. Do you have questions? Our website has answers. Type "ECA" in the search
box to find the list of approved educational credential assessment organizations and to get help choosing
an approved organization. You will also find
answers to common questions about this new
requirement and more details about the Federal
Skilled Worker Program.

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  1. US Education System is completely fucked up !
    Now these all education Institutions are money making industry. They don't care your real education and values.

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