Educational Count & Learn CookieJar Learn to Count to 10

Hi everybody it’s Valerie here from the AllToyCollector
channel with Toby! And today we are going to review a Learning Journey toy. Ooooo. And
look over there, there is the awesome play doh cookie! I made it! The play dough cookie
looks delicious and it has tons of chocolate chips on it. Doesn’t it? It’s for my Lego.
Ok. Today we are going to review and play with this Count N Learn Cookie Jar! It actually
won an award in 2014. This cookie jar looks really cute, it kind of reminds me of Bob
the Tomato from Veggie Tales… what do you think? I like that this cookie jar says cookies
at the bottom and that the cookie jar has this adorably big smile. Well, lets take it
out of the box and start playing. We are going to have a competition with this cookie jar
too. Wow, look at that lego man, it looks like he shot some little lego pieces at went
into the cookie. Alright, so heres the cookie jar out of the box, and I can see why this
actually won awards, because it is really cool. There are 10 cookies that were included
in the set, and see this cookie only has one chocolate chip and it says one, two, three
chocolate chips, four, five chocolate chips, six, seven, eight, nine and ten. Let’s see
how many chocolate chips are on this cookie… 7, awesome 7 CC’s, that is perfect because
I love chocolate. It is always good to have lots of chocolate chips. So lets turn this
on. The first things this cookie jar does is count cookies. You cannot put them in this
way (backwards), you have to put them all in the same way. There goes the play-dough
one. Lets see if it will count 11. So we got 11 in there, cuzz we put the play-dough cookie
inside. Wow, it is kinda like a piggy bank, and why don’t we open up the back, we actually
can put the top on. Its a piggy bank! This is where we are going to have our competition.
Toby and I are both going to pull out one cookie at a time, and were going to count
out the numbers on the back of the cookies and see who gets the highest total number
added up on the back of the cookies. Whoever wins get my Lego! Kay, I’ll go first and no
peeking OK, so the first one I got is a 5. Now lets see what you have, is that a seven.
Cool. So, you are already beating me. Three, so I have 8 points already. Five plus three
is 8. Get out. Oh, a TEN, wow! So, what’s 10 plus 7? Seventeen! Wow, 17 points verses
8 points. I got a one, only nine points so far. Six. What is 17 + 6 ? 23. Cool, so 23,
lets see what I got. Nine, wow, so 9 + 9=18. Your turn Toby. Come out. What is this, four?
You had 23, plus 4 is 27 points. Come on, get a good one, oh eight, wow. So I had 18
+ another 8 is 26. Two! So I wonder who is going to win. Is there anything else, oh!
I am going to get the play-dough one. Zero! Zero? OK, so lets total up our numbers again.
I cannot remember how many Toby got. I got 26 points. Lets see how many Toby got, he
got 29. Wow, Toby, you won! Yah! So, I guess that means you get to keep your lego. Ha,
Ha, Ha. Whoa, flying lego. Yum, Yum, Yum. So it says find the number 7. Lets look for
7. What, wow, so Toby put in the number 9 to be silly. Wow, Toby put the number 7, wait,
that’s the number two! Ha, Ha. OK, so lets find the number 2. Four, so there is the number
4, put it in. Ten, OK so there is the number 10, flip it around. One, this is so cool.
Eight. I rate this count and learn cookie jar a 5 out of 5 stars. It is definitely a
perfect learning toy. I like how is says a number on the back of the cookie and it has
the same number of chocolate chips on the front and that there is a guessing counting
game on here.

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