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hi friends i am so much happy to see you
back to my channel it’s a wonderful and amazing spring weather outside I have such sweet mood and in today’s video I am happy to share
with you few more amazing publications that I would highly recommend for your
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discuss everything okay so back to the topic into this
video we will review few applications that I highly recommend for your kids
and their quality they are amazing and they really helped max a lot so you will
see the exact results first one is fisher-price application code to
caterpillar so another applications I’m going to
talk today also are actually assess applications like first colors for
schools first words they’re really really great because they have big
bright and real pictures they hook good one for pronunciation and marks really
in want many of landmarks chose exactly this set of applications I am taking too
much about my I love growing okay Becky Becky fisher-price cutter
Billy so here is our Samsung tablet and here is kids mode hi and all our
applications that max can play with fisher-price caterpillar let’s play choose all the level choose
the level max Yoshi oh you will start from the most
difficult yeah it great job little man right turn great job little man no no
you must go forward good tryna become eat eat he go great job little man so here is another
set of applications they are first animals first colors first fruits first
vehicles and first words the amazing application example let’s take an
example first animals amazing isn’t it first vehicles truly to say I don’t know
the name of this all vehicles myself let’s take a look here ninja starts so actually as you can see
there are so many wonderful features good pronunciation this is really
amazing welcome in London first words Crowley
grind Beth – rattle tricycle Pete yes red green purple black orange yellow balloon blue balloon everything is blue
in this set one dog one dog two flowers – one dog two flowers three pineapples
four hamburgers thank you so much my dear friends for
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