Education Week 2019 – Rail Academy Newport

Today we’re at the Newport
Railway Academy, and we’re going to be learning
about what kind of jobs the rail industry has, and
how effective they are and how important they
are to everything that happens around Melbourne. This is an opportunity for
young people to experience the rail environment in a
safe and simulated work space. We’ve got track walk, building
pieces of track, speaking with industry experts, and also to
ask a lot of questions about career opportunities. It’s been pretty good to come
out and have a look, ‘cos it’s opened my eyes to what
different jobs there are ‘Cos I never knew there
were so many different jobs. I didn’t realise how many
jobs were involved with rail, the logistics, and then there’s
signalling, and there’s actually building it, and then building
and maintaining the trains as well. And things like that. I think it’s important for kids to
come out and learn about the variety of jobs that are going
to be on offer in the next five to ten years. A lot of kids think that the
rail industry just consists of train drivers, but there’s,
you know, hundreds of other employees that are
involved with getting those trains on the road every day. I enjoyed putting the
track together. We had to build a
nine-metre track made out of wood, and we had
to work together, to actually be able to do
it properly. We were in little groups, and
we did a little bit of it each, and I got to be the team leader,
so I got to boss everyone around.

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