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hi everybody I graduated from school
two years ago and today I want to tell you something about system of education
in Russia. First of all we have 11 school years so it splits into elementary
school, middle school, and high school The first day of school is the 1st of
September known as Knowledge Day and the last day of school is 25th of May. In
Russia we don’t have separated building for each school
however Elementary School is based on its own floor. Elementary school is for
kids age from 6. They have no more than 5 lessons per day for 40 minutes each one
and there are no more than 35 students on the class at the same time. Kids study
different subjects for example when I was in elementary school I had Russian,
English, Math, PE, Music, Art, Reading and writing. We were taught by a single
teacher through all four years except English and PE classes, however my
brother is in elementary school now and he has different teachers for different
subjects. In the end of elementary school kids have to write tests and then they
can go to middle school. Students in middle school are usually given more
independence by moving to different classrooms for each subjects.
Unfortunately we’re not allowed to choose our subjects, so we study Russian,
Literature, Math, PE, Art, History, Social Studies, Geography, Biology, Computer
Science, since the seventh grade we study Physics and math splits into Algebra and
Geometry and since the eighth we begin to study Chemistry. In Middle
School students can organize some events if they like it. So when I was in Middle
School we organized some events for Teachers Day for Mother’s Day,
Valentine’s Day and for the most important for our country Victory Day.
Students really appreciate Teachers Day. It is the day when students from High
School can replace teacher for lesson or for the whole day so it makes us realize
how hard it is to be a teacher. It became a tradition in Russian schools
and it celebrates at 5th of October. During the 9th year of school students are
preparing for their exams. So we have really strange system but I try to
explain it. After 9th grade we are allowed to go to college, in that case we
have to pass four exams which is Math and Russian and to other we need to go to a
college and if we don’t want to graduate after ninth year we stay at school until
eleventh year and we pass only two exams, which is Russian and Math. In Russia if
you go to High School you should be ready for very hard two years because
for Russian students High School only about preparing to exams which we
need to go to the University and students have to study really hard if
they want to go to the University they are dreaming about. – “hi it’s my doggie” when I was in High
School I had to pass Russian & Math, English and Social Studies for the
University however I should be ready for all of my lessons like History in
Chemistry.I came back home at 3 p.m. and until 10 p.m. I was doing my
homework. Like it was very hard for me and for all of my classmates it was
really hard. Anyway graduation from school is one of
the biggest occasions for students. As usual seniors make a little concert
celebrating the graduation. For instance you can make a little scene about
school time, sing a song dedicated to teachers or parents or your classmates
and like make everything you want to show how thankful you are for all of
these exhausting years. Honestly, I think that school is like the second home
for us, because during the studying process we stay in the same group of
people and we are growing together and that’s why it is hard to say goodbye to
our teachers and classmates who became a part of our lives. I forgot to say that
lessons in Middle and High School lasts for 45 minutes and then we have
15 minutes break for a meal for our rest. I want you to know that
there’s going to be the second part of this video about university, about my
university, my experience. So have a nice day
and “до свидания” [goodbye]

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