Education Studies at LJMU

I had the opportunity to do a master’s
and then that just whet my appetite to go further to the MPhil and into the PhD. I’m Rachel Jackson I’m doing an MPhil leading on to a PhD What attracted me to LJMU was the staff had been recommended by my supervisor at Glasgow University I found the transition to postgraduate
study quite different to what I was used to and being a teacher for six years, so
working and then all of a sudden studying independently; there’s such a
range of courses available to you at John Moores: research skills, interview skills, things like that. As I said, the research courses that are available really help you to prioritise what you need to research, what you need to look into and
there’s so much support which I wasn’t used to in the other two universities that
I’ve been to – so much more supportive at John Moores I would say. I would definitely recommend Liverpool as a place to study not just because I’m from
Liverpool – because I would say that wouldn’t I? but I have studied in other cities and this city, city of Liverpool is just so vibrant and there’s so much
going on – there’s just art everywhere, you’re falling over art and we’ve got the Tate Modern. In Liverpool as well, we’ve got the Albert Dock where students get in for free, which is brilliant. Every postgraduate qualification I’ve got has moved me up the career ladder but not only that it’s just opened my eyes to a lot of the things available that open so
many doors and to possible careers in the future.

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