Education State 10 year targets – Happy, healthy & resilient kids

Physical activity is such an important thing
for all of our students. We encourage physical activity whether it
be through regular sporting events physical education, right through to general play. One approach that we’ve taken within the
school is to talk with parents about the importance of health and wellbeing, and through doing
that we’ve now raised the bar when it comes to programs such as Walk to School and Ride
to School. Last year our school actually won the Golden
Boot Award. That means that we the greatest percentage
of children walking and riding to school over a two month period. Our school supports children to become more
resilient in a variety of ways. We’re a Kids Matter school. Social and emotional learning has been a significant
part of our teaching. It’s something that we include in our curriculum
planning regularly and have done for a number of years. We have the You Can Do It program and also
we have the program that helps children with anxiety and builds resilience, we call it
No Worries. Building resilience is critical at the school,
and it’s a skill that all people need to be successful in life. At the school, for us, it’s about building
a sense of community and connection to the school. Many of our students come from war torn trauma
and difficult backgrounds and it’s important that they feel a sense of connection to the
school community.

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