Education Secretary Betsy DeVos impressed by Jefferson High programs in Rockford visit

((ERIC)) A LOCAL HIGH SCHOOL PLAYS HOST TO THE LEADER OF THE U-S DEPARTMENT OF EDUCATION. ((MIMI)) IT’S PART OF SECRETARY BETSY DEVOS’ EDUCATION FREEDOM TOUR. BRITTANY TOOLIS WAS ON HAND FOR HER VISIT… AND JOINS US LIVE IN THE STUDIO. BRITTANY… SHE LEARNED ABOUT SOME UNIQUE PROGRAMS AT JEFFERSON HIGH SCHOOL. ((BRITTANY)) ERIC AND MIMI.. JEFFERSON HIGH SCHOOL’S COLLEGE AND CAREER ACADEMY IS WHAT CAUGHT SECRETARY DEVOS’ EYE.. THE PROGRAM PREPARES STUDENTS FOR A LIFE AFTER GRADUATION… REGARDLESS IF THEY CHOOSE TO GO TO COLLEGE OR STRAIGHT INTO THE WORK FORCE Betsy DeVos/US Secretary of Education “They need to have options to find the right niche for their futures” THOSE OPTIONS AND UNIQUE ROUTES SCHOOLS ARE GIVING STUDENTS IS WHAT US SECRETARY OF EDUCATION BETSY DEVOS IS LOOKING TO HIGHLIGHT ON HER EDUCATION FREEDOM TOUR.. SECRETARY DEVOS IS MAKING STOPS ACROSS THE MIDWEST.. HER ONLY STOP IN ILLINIOS IS AT ROCKFORD’S JEFFERSON HIGH SCHOOL FOR ITS COLLEGE AND CAREER ACADEMY Betsy DeVos/US Secretary of Education “We’re trying to go to place that are indeed looking at and thinking about doing things differently to meet students’ needs and to embrace the multitude of pathways that we have to be supporting for students.” Dr. Ehren Jarrett/RPS Superintendent “We are attempting to do things very uniquely to provide students with real hands on learning experiences and ensuring all of our students leave highschool, college and career ready.” THE ACADEMY HAS 4 CLASSES.. IN MANUFACTURING.. MEDICAL LABS.. ENTREPRENEURSHIP.. AND FORENSICS AND LAW ENFORCEMENT.. DEVOS SPOKE WITH STUDENTS IN EACH CLASSROOM. SHE EVEN WATCHED STUDENTS IN THE MEDICAL LAB TAKING EACH OTHER’S BLOOD PRESSURE. Betsy DeVos/US Secretary of Education “it becomes more relevant and they have an opportunity to really either decide there’s something they really don’t like doing and pivot away from that or something they really embrace and explore and dive into that further” Dr. Ehren Jarrett/RPS Superintendent “also maybe an opportunity to learn about maybe somethings that they’re not as excited about before they start paying thousands of dollars for post secondary training” SECRETARY DEVOS SAYS HER FAVORITE IS THE ENTREPRENEURIAL CLASS. Betsy DeVos/US Secretary of Education “I was born into an entrepreneurial family and have four entrepreneurial children and so it’s kind of in my DNA” DOCTOR JARRETT BELIEVES THAT CLASS COULD BE THE KEY TO JOB CREATION IN THE STATELINE. Dr. Ehren Jarrett/RPS Superintendent “We’re not only filling the jobs we need today we’re also building the jobs of the future. Some of those students may actually create new businesses that employ students in the future” ((BRITTANY)) JEFFERSON’S COLLEGE AND CAREER ACADEMY HAS BEEN IN PLACE FOR 5 YEARS. TO HEAR MORE ABOUT WHAT SECRETARY DEVOS THOUGHT OF THE TOUR…. HEAD TO OUR WEBSITE MY STATELINE DOT COME FOR THE FULL INTERVIEW… ERIC. ((ERIC)) THE SECRETARY’S VISIT DID NOT COME WITHOUT CONTROVERSARY. DOZENS OF PEOPLE GATHERED OUTSIDE JEFFERSON TO PROTEST DEVO’S VISIT. DEMONSTRATORS CARRIED SIGNS AND SHOUTED “DUMP DEVOS.” THE ILLINIOIS EDUCATION ASSIOCATION ENCOURAGED TEACHERS AND STAFF TO WEAR RED. ORGANIZERS SAY IT SYMBOLIZES THE IMPORTANCE OF EQUAL PUBLIC EDUCATION FOR ALL STUDENTS. Mel Champion / Protester “Defunding public schools and diverting that money to charter schools is not something we’re going to tolerate. And, so, what we want to say today is, hey, talk to us. Put us to the table. Listen to us.” ((ERIC)) DEVOS HAS LONG ADVOCATED FOR SCHOOL CHOICE… VOUCHER PROGRAMS… AND CHARTER SCHOOLS. ((MIMI)) THE “Y” USES PEDAL POWER TO BENEFIT LOCAL KIDS AND FAMILIES. THE Y-M-C-A OF ROCK RIVER VALLEY’S INAUGURAL SPIN-A- THON… KICKED OFF

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