Education Refund Program at the City and County of Denver

My name is Ola. I come from a family that loves education. My mom really left us a strong legacy about
education being the way to move on in life… and for people to appreciate your values. The Education Refund Program is a great way to advance in the city. The Education Refund Program, as an employee,
makes me feel like I’m valued by the city. Not only helped me get the position of Captain
for going through these educational classes… But I’m able to utilize my education in a global thinking environment. The experience applying for the refund program
was very easy, very straight-forward. You think that you don’t have enough time
because you already work a 40-hour job… I say do it. I have three kids, two dogs,
five chickens and a husband… And I can still maintain a 4.0 (GPA). It’s a win-win situation let me put it that way. Explore careers at the City and County of Denver. Where Denver works.

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