Education Program in the Department of Otolaryngology at the UVA School of Medicine

residency program itself– in terms of the attitude that
we have towards our residents– I think, is extremely adaptable. DAVID SHONKA: All of
the subspecialties within otorhinolaryngology
are covered by fellowship trained
surgeons who are incredibly gifted at what they do. And often you can only find
that in big city programs. And we have that here. But we have that in a program
that’s also not terribly big. STEPHEN PARK: Our
philosophy here is that the residents– when
they rotate through each of us– are getting
their training, their operative experience,
from the absolute best in the country in
our subspecialty. And then the next month they’ll
move to a different service and learn from a
different superstar, whether it’s pediatric or
laryngology or head and neck cancer. DAN LANDES: At
Charlottesville ENT Associates we do really enjoy having the
students come down and spend some time with us and
showing them what we do and learning a little bit more
about otorhinolaryngology, head and neck surgery. It’s one on one with
the attending physician. And the other thing
that I think helps them a lot is we see a
lot of patients. And I think the
volume of patients and the diversity of
patients– rather than just seeing one subspecialty
area, they’re seeing a large volume patients
with a lot of problems. And just– I think it’s
a great way to learn. WILLIAM BRAND: The experience
with the residents is great. You get to see them from day
one when they’ve never been– or hardly ever been
in an operating room and haven’t operated
to when they’re going out after five years
and are truly great physicians and great surgeons. You really grow more
so than probably at any other time in your
life during that five years. [MUSIC PLAYING]

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