Education Planning – What kids have to say.

welcome to an honest and in-depth look
at educational planning i asked several subjects here today to
see where they are on their educational journey and by using i seek dot org’s
plan your education section what preparations they’ve made for their
future let’s start with researching your
options what career planning have you done i wanna be a lifesaver battler
i want to be a tooth fairy i want to be a tooth fairy
i don’t want to battle with pointy things i just wanta battle with kinda soft fluffy things i want to be a vet because i really like animals okay…it’s so much to explain though… let’s move on on the topic of postsecondary education
there a lot of options out there with over sixty six thousand courses
available in the state of minnesota what colleges and universities are you
considering. i wanna short college i’d rather stay home and be around my parents but preschool is pretty nice did you go to college uh yes actually i have a masters in
journalism…it doesn’t seem like it what about distance learning did you know that they’re more than
seven hundred and fifty online programs with more than five thousand online
courses available to you do you think that might be right for you
did your mom buy you that shirt yes…yes she did
you smell like dog breath because you have dog hair on you is he right under your bed let’s change the subject financial aid i know i can be difficult
topic but are you aware of all the different types of aid that are available to you
i have money in my piggy bank when i get to buy something i give them part of the money it’s pretty heavy its just this kinda little box but i keep my money in it and i have cash that’s great but has the thought occurred to you that
the cost of tuition and room and board are expected to rise significantly by
the time you enter college what’s your immediate reaction to that
[silence] don’t worry if it’s too much to think
about answers to all these questions can be
found at i seek dot org just head to the plan your education section where you
can research education options distance learning financial aid and much more you can use these tools to develop a
plan that’s best for you any final thoughts i don’t know what you just said

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