Education Pioneers in Kansas City

I love my dashboards, I love my measurement
systems, I love building them, I love creating more efficient processes. I mean, people in the ed space, normally don’t
have that nor can you expect them to. Their skills are suited to making sure that
the kids get through college. My skills are suited to making sure that data
systems are set up well and that we’re able to expand the capacity of organizations. It was great to kind of pair that together
to really make sure that we’re able to have the biggest impact. Education Pioneers helped us tease out exactly what we wanted to accomplish over the summer, and they were able to, based on their process, narrow that down to their best candidates. That’s what makes Education Pioneers amazing. We knew we were interviewing candidates who
not only had the expertise, but they also had the drive and the care when it comes to
education and what we stand for with Kauffman Scholars to be able to do this work and do
it well. What I’ve been working on is kind of a snapshot
or dashboard of their metrics that they can go in and easily understand their story when
they’re talking about it to their boards, see the impact in a way that actually makes
people care about it and understand what it is without looking at a spreadsheet. There’s
a way to take the numbers out of there and share it in a way that makes it easy to understand. It’s pretty amazing in that it gives a true
snapshot at that moment of everything, the state-of-the-state for Kauffman Scholars,
so whether it’s current students, past students, our completion rates, attainment rates… Michael did all of that. He came through on the one big deliverable,
but he also laid the foundation for us to continue this work over the course of the years to come. Thank you all for making this a great time. (applause) At the end of the day the work that I’ve
done with the Kauffman School has provided them with the opportunity to continuously see exactly where they stand
in their initiatives, in their priorities, along with now freeing up additional time
for them to get to those priorities. They can now spend that time on focusing on
the instruction, the support, the development of their teachers, of their leaders, providing
instruction to their students because they don’t have to worry about crunching data,
pulling down Excel spreadsheets, or trying to connect two or three different pieces. One, two. Nice! One of the major projects that I wanted to
work on was data visualization. I really wanted to show how Big Brothers Big
Sisters has, like, grown over the Kansas City community. I think for me, just working with data is
always good to, like, see the people that are behind the data points. It’s just not figures on a data screen,
or it’s not just me working in Excel, but these are people’s lives that we have the
opportunity to partner and walk along side with. To have all these different, like, innovators,
young people coming to Kansas City to build up that talent pipeline. Education Pioneers is a vehicle to get these
amazing minds, you know, to our city to help us grow. Everyone wins.

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