Education Officers at the Department of Communities Child Protection and Family Support

My name is Colin. I’m a Senior Education Officer, and I work at Perth District Office. And I’m Leanne, an Education Officer in Perth District Office. What got me into working with the Department was working with children that have had difficulty with trauma and needed that extra support and nurturing in collaboration with carers and schools in order to make a difference. After many years of teaching I had family members who worked in child protection and the opportunity came up and I thought good to see what the real need is for children who’ve been traumatised and how education can make a difference. Our role is really important because sometimes schools aren’t aware of the impact of trauma and sometimes case managers in child protection aren’t aware of how schools operate. We can help by bridging the gap in understanding and knowledge so that the child is best supported both by the department and the school. Children in care are one of the most disadvantaged cohort of youth and children in Australia and it requires a specialist service to help change those life outcomes. What really inspires me about the role is bringing people together in order to make a better outcome for children.

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