1. why you have to keep your right hand hanging so close to the screen?? It's distracting sometimes…

  2. Hi parth..
    I really like your video.
    Information shared nicely.

    Just wanted to ask that can I embed your video in my blog with your profile subscription button ?

  3. Awesome thanks for the wonderful video only 2years left and then even I'm gonna come bro I hope I will meet you…

  4. Can you make a video of expenses without any kind of loan? And the process required for documentation, for visa, for showing amount in the bank! What all is required? Can we pay in installments? What is the criteria?

  5. Plz bro make a what's up group for more information …becoz there r no.of questions which r not full filled here….plz Sir

  6. Thank you so much your feet using YouTube channel have been awesome and helpful

    I am from Indonesia, which one is better for my student loan? Is it Prodigy Finance or Empower Finance or else?

  7. what is wrong with people . why not make a career in india. going to US keeping higher studies as motive for something else is wrong. if you are from wealthy family fine but what about the middle class. what if OPT gets removed which is the only reason this guy went. its a hassle right. its like taking easy way out. H1B's are better as they atleast took the hard way. I am not against education or this guy but why not in india.

  8. Nice video buddy…..can you please make a video on opportunity we get being in a US universities….. And what is the ratio of getting placement….. Being in top 30 US universities….

  9. Please make a video or share me a link on how much tution fees ( in dollars) on average universities take for MS in civil engineering,and how much can a side job help me in paying tution fee,

  10. Sir, my father is retired from a private bank and right now have no income i am earning can i get a loan. As my father ITR is zero. Kindly suggest sir.

  11. i don't have any assets and my father is not a taxpayer. so can I get the Educ loan on the basis of my profile and university?

  12. Which one would be better Illinois Institute of Technology, Chicago or California State University, Long Beach for MS CS?

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