Education Law in Ireland Website for Sale

okay this video I just want to tell you
about the website our house for sale its website that deals with education law
and arrogant it ranks really well and it gets a good bit of traffic later in the
video and what I surely the traffic alert gets i’m going to show you how it
ranks as well in the search engines basically the name of the website is
education law Ireland calm if you do a Google search for education law in
Ireland or education or Indrani of phrases like to us then you’ll see the
dis site ranks really really well in the search engines in fact it ranks number
one or two most of the time it gets about two hundred visitors a day and I
guess and right few queries about education law through the website now I
had an interest in education or a few years ago there I don’t anymore and
quite frankly the site is going to waste so for some other person professional
involved in education law particularly a solicitor it would be of huge benefit to
them I’ve no interest in education law now I turn away the queries and just
tell people very simply don’t deal with education law anymore I don’t know on my
plate have enough to be doing with business and with employment and
property and conveyancing and so on personal injuries and that’s you know
the areas I’m happy enough in education or not so much I’m interested and not so
much now in it because it’s a changing area it’s a kind of a specialist or
niche area and I simply don’t have the time to keep on top of us nevertheless
the site is a good one and selling the site I’m selling the content on the site
and I’m saying to domain name the domain name is education law Ireland calm you
can have a look yourself check out the video later on I’ll just show you the
back end it was not sure you the statistics does
we’ll show the visitor numbers and we show the search terms and we have a look
at the site tenants were raised but that’s it you probably would be a
solicitor with an interest in education law or perhaps looking to get into that
area or perhaps developing a niche in that area or you may be somebody
involved in the education sector who wants to generate queries or develop
further the website and perhaps developed further you as an expert
position yourself as an expert in the whole area of educational in Ireland so
let’s have a look at a 10 as I say I’ll do and we take a look down at some of
the back end of it and look at some of the traffic statistics and Google
Analytics and so on ok this video on just take a look at the site itself and
some other data to do with us so i’m going to open firefox browser here
everyone so here’s google search we’re going to type in education law
ireland ireland i will see what it comes up with it here’s what comes up with
this site here is the site in question and it’s my site and you can see it’s
ranking number one for that search term education law ireland the name of the
site n is educational oil and calm this is the size it’s it’s got a lot of
information honest about education law and ireland various circulars in the
teaching profession issued by the Department of Education and so on so if
we have a look at the back of the site then you’ll see the likes of the theme
that you can see there on the site the way it looks and feels can be changed
easily but if I log into the back of the size or the strong ones if I log into
the back of the site you’ll see all of the content and what’s involved ok this
is at the back of the safety administration panel we’re gonna just
log in here and you will see one just logs in to the boat you can see that is
194 posts in the size and we can have a look at the various themes them as well
so the theme is how you change the look and feel of the size so currently this
is the thing that’s in operation you could have this one for example 2011 or
2013 or 2012 or whatever and we have a look at this one will do a preview here
you’ll see how easily you can actually change the look and feel of the size by
simply changing the theme of the size and that’s not as I so that’s not a steam
that it’s going to lady suitors it will require a bit of a bit of work we could
use a different theme then for example 2014 would probably be more suitable one no that’s no good to go to 2011 you’ll
see how the site would look if you used this particular theme but it’s entirely
up to yourself obviously what female use and employ on your site currently i’m
just using this fairly basic cellular jeek theme and that’s the site their
educational Ireland in terms of traffic and so on or I have a look at that note ok this is my administration panel for
my hosting account or one of my hosting accounts actually have a couple of them
this to cpanel and we can have a look if we look at the our stats quarter traffic
numbers are like foreign particular size you see there I have a number of slides
good suicides actually but the education our loved one is the one that were
looking at and we want to check the figures now you’ll see here the unique
visitors in January 3292 februari 3500 March a jump of nearly a thousand 4600
from today on the 3rd tint of april just 2050 unique visitors already visited
Desai’s this month you see that daily traffic count is around about expose
averaging 200 visitors per day or their votes and the types of search terms that
people are using to find my size find this particular size are as follows the
set out down here so so far this month 14 or 13 to vehicle you will see the
various search terms appointment letter for school joining letter to principal
procedures for appointment or prints or letter in place before appointment
and there’s plenty of other search phrases there as well these are all to
do with this one they are dealing with stress or something in dealing with
stress as an sna so quite a lot of the queries that I would have had in
relation to the education area would have come from sna s and maybe even
ancillary staff course obviously it’s entirely up to yourself what sort of a
market equal today’s bottom line is that the size is ranking number one or number
two when you search for education law and Ireland it’s getting about two
hundred visitors a day it’s obviously of huge benefit to somebody with an
interest in education law and solicitor would probably be the best person for
this particular size particularly a solicitor who has an interest in
education or perhaps wants to develop that area in their practice so I’m open
to offers and that’s decisive any questions maybe just send me an email
and I’ll answer the questions but selling is the domain name education law
Ireland calm on the website including all of the content on the website it’s
up to you surf then after that how you what team you use and and you know how
you change it and so on and so forth ok that’s education law earlier calm it’s a
for sale

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