‘Education Is The Best Weapon’ Against Predators – Amanda Cerny To Dr. Phil

and they're not doing it that's what I had to say when I went to Washington they got it they got to change what they're doing about that I've seen it term Instagram girls that are really young but they're putting up really provocative pictures the statistics are that these girls aren't on the internet an hour before some predator is engaging them in some way geez obviously they think they're talking to a 14 year old boy but in fact it's a 38 year old creep with a windowless van who's trying to get them off the internet into the real world where they can take advantage of them it's like almost like don't let your kids use social media well it's scary I mean it's scary particularly your kids but if they're putting really provocative pictures up and they're 14 or 15 and they don't have the ability to see around corners I think kids have the knowledge to use the Internet but not the wisdom yeah I think maybe it's a coarse you know maybe to be able to use an app you have to go through this like it's like sex ed you know like that's naturally gonna happen social media is naturally gonna happen with goods so well you bring up a good point because when I went to school we had to take shop where we learned how to weld we had to take home a quare we learned how to cook and all of that and we had to go through sex ed maybe now there needs to be in the curriculum some kind of cyber sex education where you realize what the dangers are and how to recognize you if you're being groomed in a chat room or whatever they still call them chat rooms I don't know DM messages no I think that's a great idea though like you know it's even for I think everybody has had a moment online where they've been scammed or almost scam like I've had all my accounts hacked before because I'm like oh I got an email what's that link for like everything just gets hacked on ones and you're like oh my gosh but it's even more serious when in its actual little girls getting like having these predators come after them is just disgusting I had a story recently where a girl had been talking to a guy she totally thought he was 14 years old he says look my parents they're mean they don't treat me right they won't give me this he won't give me that and he's of course saying that's terrible I can't believe they tell her everything she wants to hear and finally he talks her into going out the window just go out your window I'll meet you down by the mall and she does and she gets there and the guy's 38 years old and he walks up and she goes oh my god I thought you were 14 and he says no I'm 38 but I'm totally in love with you and I know your parents don't love you like I he actually talks her into staying they leave and they're on the run for four months the fact that she was found alive was astounding yeah but the story that she tells she wants to go home after two or three days he won't let her I mean he just gets abducted and it goes across state lines but even when she finds out he's not 14 years old still she's groomed he stalks her into it we've got to educate him in some way some of these pictures they put up are pretty provocative yeah but I wouldn't I wouldn't even blame it on the provocative pictures not that sometimes they're not even pictures in just that they're putting up Oh settle or yeah they're just starting to tell them what they want to hear they're just saying hi you know yes your parents don't love you I love you they just grew them tell them what they want to hear yeah and they study they look and see what our 14 year olds into right now what video games are they playing what do they like exactly and they mimic all of that so they sound like a 14 year old and that's how they lure them out yeah well I mean yeah it has to be education there's really no other I I don't I don't see any other true solution to it other than just no social media like if it does this is not there but then it's they're gonna find their kids they're gonna find a way to use it somehow whether it's them at school using a friend's phone it's like so I think education is the best weapon to give somebody you think parents ought to track where their kids are going on the Internet yeah yeah if the parents I I would especially after hearing those stories I definitely if you had a kid you would track where they're going yeah for sure I know privacy is a thing and you need to give your kids like that freedom and trust them and stuff too but it's not that you don't trust your kids it's like like you said there's predators online that are more readily available than even in person so letting them go to the movies is a lot safer than letting them on social media sometimes no doubt about that yeah I think it's fortunate that you haven't had somebody great but I think it's fortunate and I think that's because you curate what you put out there you monitor it you respond to certain people and not other people that's what I say kids have the knowledge but not the wisdom you've got both because you've been out there a long time

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