emphasizing on the importance of school handsy mission for which an amount of rupees 24 crore had been earmark in the state budget chief minister and beerain Singh has conveyed that the ministry concerned had sanctioned rupees 19 crore for effective implementation of the mission drawing the status of the private school education chief minister during the annual prize distribution ceremony for the year 2018 and 2019 organised at City Convention Center palace compound in in falyse said that it has become extremely costly nowadays which put a huge financial burden on poor families to provide a solution to this scenario the state government launched school forgot handsome mission with an objective to give the desired quality education to students it is very encouraging very encouraging because the government schools now his achieving at the top level and second also giving any incentive and this is the this is the signs of improving schools speaking at the occasion and be rinsing observed that education is the backbone of society and giving good education to children as the only means to hone their talent he said that there have been a huge improvement in school education sector in the past two years he acknowledged the hard work of the teachers and said that the overall path percentage for HSL see examination touch to an all-time high of 74 point six nine percent which is the highest since the establishment of bossom in 1972 the programme was jointly organised by the Department of Education schools and boards of secondary education money pool in all 209 awards were distributed out of which 125 awards were under bossom where another 84 were incentive awards instituted by the Department of Education rice was huge sacrifice for the society by going I want to be inspired by only you can use them we need to what it is charity mistaking our desert based education minister th rather shams sought cooperation and support from the public regarding government's recent move of amalgamations of government schools which would serve as an effective solution to resolving the problem of lack of infrastructures and manpower disparity among government schools meanwhile under the Education Department incentive award scheme the state government had announced to award trapeze 3 lakh to government school students who secured first referred position in the HS LC examination repeats one lakh twofold to 25 position holders rupees 50000 and rupees 25 thousands announced for the students who secured first and second position and district levels respectively Bureau report

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