20 thoughts on “Education is not for the poor”

  1. what a sarcasm… while majority of politicians are emphasizing the importance of education, yet the reality is too turbulent to achieve one's dream. Shame on education !!!

  2. The other factor is the amount of funding it gives to schools, colleges, universities, now they cutting back and rather use it to bail out banks.

  3. im from a poor background and I am finding it extremely difficult to enter higher education, its seem as though its not built for people from poorer backgrounds

  4. @whoiszizou
    Thats such Crap, explain Obama., Colin Powell Etc. Another EXCUSE form the poor


    The Dem's dumbed down city schools so much theses kids will always be behind. I'm over 50. I cant imagine how much smarter i would be with a computer to STUDY.with.

    You really don't even need a school because of a P.C. in the home used properly.

    Explain Home schooling success No FUNDING.

  5. Politicians talk about "education" all of the time. The problem is not their willingness to educate, it's what they want to educate people to do.

    Get a useless degree, get into debt, don't finish high enough in your class, or maybe your field is being outsourced (Engineers, looking at you) and you're up Shit's Creek sans paddle.

  6. How many successive governments have promised to transform our education systems. Conservative and "progressive", it doesn't seem to make any difference. The reality is that politicians will serve the interests of themselves, then their friends, then their benefactors. The people come last. If at all.

  7. @loftysbridge How does that explain all of the white, male, able-bodied, middle class who are unemployed and doing rather badly. The system is not designed for them; it's designed for female, middle classed people. Sure enough the most prosperous positions are held by men but most men don't occupy those and women occupy almost all of the well off jobs.

  8. the title says it all, don't blame us working class people, we just cant afford education like the middle and upper classes get, therefore they are more educated than we are

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