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when I went to school I either walked or rode a bike but nowadays nobody walks they go by motorcyles, they go by cars but formerly, no back then it was like going to school from home and from school to home we used to do our homework manually we didn’t have to work with a computer but today, thankfully, such things have arrived she hit me how is the internet? what’s it for? one reason is the economic situation many families from low resources face these situations in which they have to fight to go forward and many of them have to support their families and quit studying here we have lived with many students who are in third year and often they have to ask for permission for one week, 15 days because they have to support their families I think that when someone has this necessity so they leave everything to support their family but whithin all this, there is a personal growth, right? and this also makes them change more than anything for that goal that they wanted to have the neighborhood which neighborhood? where is it located? where is it? where are we now? now? Alvaro Obregon which state? Oaxaca where do your parents work? in the field the feild? what do they grow? spawn, corn do you know how to work on the field? yes who taught you? my father and my grandfather nice, why do you come to school? to study what do you wanna do when you grow up? you need to dream what do you want to become when you grow up? teacher teacher? why? because do you like to put fives? yes what do you want to become? teacher first year or second? second year what do you think your school needs? Internet computer ground what else? compiler copy machines books new paragraph thanks to traditional lyric the creative richness is preserved the creative richness and liguistic is preserved you should put diaresis over “u” what country or place in the world, do you like to visit? Brazil why? I like this country because… where did you see Brazil? from a photo,from an image look, first of all, they need means in which they can document where they can get to know their environment, at first and then and also be able to know things that happen in brother countries so that they also can interpret and think about how they live in different places and they be able to exchange ideas unfortunately,here, having access to internet cost so much for students because they are from low resources and don’t have the right means and there is no library we have also tried to make a library at the school so that they can also get information and they can be encouraged by how much they read and also by what they like to read, right? having access to other means is very limited but if… those who have the possibility, can do it but most of them can’t pavements light… water grenades do you feel safe in your community? no why? because there are drunk people there is… marijuana if you wanted to be a teacher, how would you’ve helped those people? by studying learning why? what happens when you learn? because when I grow up I’d have a good future here they are really disconnected from the internet because… here doesn’t receive signals very well and if this… if these guys had a little bit more of the beginning of this medium I believe that they’d know more and they’d understand different situations, more and they’d open their minds and they’d be able to understand the reason of things and we cannot stay away from this… we cannot stay away from this technology that comes to us at best it’s not devouring but it is getting us closer, right? so because they don’t have this information sometimes this undrestanding is difficult for them the understanding which other people could bring and could give the opportunity so that they could see a better growth in the community that they are it is a mix of compositions which is transmited comma above all orally good morning, young students coworkers honorable members of the head table friends of the civil sociation “Knapsack for Hope” today is a historical day for our school because we have the opportunity to have the internet for educational purposes and it is a kind of opportunity that we have access to information which strengthens us in the process of education supports our teachers families and our whole community today is a historical day because for the first time our educational institution, has the service of internet and it is free and it’s permanent thanks to this civil sociation that… without any profit without expecting nothing in return proposes to help those communities that need them so they can get a cultural scientific, humanitarian and updated formation for understanding better their environment they give them the opportunity to have a more general vision and so they can transform the reality that they live we’ve been benefited by this pilot program that fortunately we’ve been selected to receive it for that we thank… this civil sociation “Knapsack for Hope” uses digital technology to promote education learning and human centered and powerment and we… select the content and resources, educational resources by educational experts and make it accessible to all the students and administrators and teachers to stregnthen their effort to help students to achieve and persue their dreams and also goals and this content includes Wikipedia, Con Academy which has all the courses, all the levels of physics biology, chemistry coding, programming that all the students need to advance their education and we believe there should not be any gap between students in this community or in Juchitan or in Mexico city or in the whole country and all the students have to have equal access to opportunities and the resources to have a good, great, high quality education.

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