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oh hi my name is Alex nickel and a true here at the school and I'm going to be talking about the power of science communication on YouTube but first let's start with a little bit of an experiment so you don't know what toilets are used whether it's everyday use for those every day hopefully raise your hand if you think you know like the general gist out or that works just you know general generally just okay okay I like it let's see you raised your hand we're gonna move on to participation your Easter egg and can use like maybe how it looks nice yeah that seems to be a vegetable answer to that question I actually let my school this question a while back and they said it answers very similar to that here's a clip on scale one to ten one being you have no knowledge whatsoever intent he acts as an expert in this peril do you think you're going to it works three I give it before then so can you believe a step-by-step average whether it works well so is that it we got some nice – why are you locked it down into their plates like pipes going after the topic and you press the placard thing and then the water goes all around and then flush there's all kind of set accident watching that I guess because in a poster not every swing Nick do you got any salt let's go one attack however you think you know so yeah going to safety Oh ladies intern is this concept called the illusion of explanatory depth with the clots of them to think we know more about decorating things that we actually do and it doesn't just apply to toilets applies to things like refrigerators or bikes or zippers now I find this why are they fascinating right I'm 17 years old that means I use toilets so much that they become boring at this point and yet really know how do they actually work whoever I think it's also pretty ideal other people could benefit from not great it's on the end in the world if I don't know how a toilet works but this also applies to other aspects of our life as well I have little videos you probably have political opinions I hear the hot arreva these days but the next time you go to vote before you go to vote try to explain some of the policies you're actually going for make sure you actually do know how they work as opposed to just thinking you know how that works does the illusion of explanatory depth so this idea I had so much teacher decided to make a video like this all the time at my youtube channel technicality get ready for the elevator pitch technicality takes a closer look at our awesome universe science humanities and everything I find fascinating about our world I've made over 17 episodes on everything from physics to history to psychology these videos have had a total of millions of views I'm recognized by a Huffington Post and Mashable and network television and just recently actually asked me I had 50,000 subscribers which is pretty crazy that's a week so vegetarian YouTube has been pretty much my life for the past five six seven years so I thought I'd share window into my life with you guys today and to do so I'm gonna answer leaving questions first how why is YouTube so revolutionary for science communication secondly how can you to be used in the classroom and then third Chinese this platform includes not just to be with so many other people to be better learners for the first why is it you so revolutionary science education in order to understand this we have to understand a brief history of science education now obviously there's no one point in time or science education was just invented it sound like someone got someone and was like you know what you talk about science and on like that matter today um the rather is more of process right following the Scientific Revolution of the 16th 17th and 18th century we start to see into 19th century the rise of not just public science or publicly funded science by governments or universities but also public caring about science and with the Protestant the public caring about science science communication you was born in the night time then he's quicker than you can say I was the original Twilight Zone televisions we're going on televisions were making the American Council it's actually looks that great but televisions were painting the American household and obtained a science communication and new medium to play with the medium of video and then that a lot of great sideshows were produced but that before kids more for adults this is the context in which two bureaus right well like I said a ton of great stuff was produced by others for science content right there's also a lot of limitations and drawbacks to television it has a medium namely it's really expensive to make a TV show right takes a lot of manpower and time and energy to produce an epicenter and because of that it here on TV showed us a pretty important thing and not something just anyone can get television exactly this hard look at science content is kind people to everyone right so now onto that expensiveness factor and it's not like a bunch of science to be introduced every day YouTube changes that with the concept I like to call the democratization of science communication because that's one example school the democratization of science communication is this concept that anyone anywhere can make it up until about nineteen is our passionate about anything your weapon up in terms you come hop to it to kind of see this in action let's look at it taste it so this is the channel global Vsauce it's an educational YouTube channel created by Michael Stevens and created this hub not only here to go back in 2010 and since then he's made hundreds of episodes and all sorts of science topics and amassed over one point billion billion views when we write billion views per one five billion times which is a lot and as successful as Michael is now as amazing as he is at science education and as I love him for that ten years ago I'm gonna never got this much TV show right he would have been seen this way too much about risky investments for television producers for anyone give you some chow however because of the democratization of science of inflation combined with his natural talent excellent indication he can make a new channel and ride on this platform and this isn't the only person who this kind of general framework applies to see a many people a triennial on YouTube as science communicators and as such we had entered a new era of science mutation if you will right human self is to be really well that's medium it gets one point nine million no the users which a lot and three hundred hours of content are uploaded to YouTube every minute but education and learning content on YouTube in the self is degree really well education content on YouTube gets about a billion views a day that sounds of about five million views total so on top of the democratization of science communication YouTube has also affected how science is to begin making on television he starts like twenty two to forty five minute episodes well I use you the general education minutes Lobby solution a horizontal movement attended it all around that much and time is an alienated vector the style of house I created is effective as well phone television there's a lot more of a focus on a narrative writer select introducing might go to different locations editors in TV animation well one YouTube there's a lot more focus on threatening it's usually a person talk to a camera or a microphone with visuals so it was very much the helix carried back video I made club games and I threw together in a weekend and in retrospect was pretty terrible like I said it's basically a ripoff of a pea sauce and a zap science video with mine and I mean there's no sound about this video right now it's already here in the south and it's hilariously out of sync with what I'm writing I didn't know how to end it at the time so what's going on here it's not about what I'm saying Oh however nonetheless I wrote the beginning to my science class the next day my science teacher at the time her difference basically Flora's changes like columns this is the main you've got to continue to pursue this work on this more oh it's very nice so I did and resins that here thanks Mary we have to pick one talk to kind of research through the entire year and I started to research this by the way is my original journal from that here has my problem is you I'm jazz and fun fact respected actually thinking about a week ago of course the forest doesn't leave any mark she did it but she did these out neither been prompted was just like hey this is how it's going stop using this my crack in the next semester I was like world of what a great teacher I fitted here I'm gonna community tertiary Paul wrote versus planet battle learning and I kind of assess the various person Hofstra rote memorization marine and a blended learning where you use YouTube video as classroom by the way the most embarrassing part of my youtube channel at the time was not a Evert shirt if you're very curious compose Merisi Broadway to general wasn't my fourth episode called 15 facts about taxes and this is the first time no one tax treaties work for me and a lot of words that is ten times [Applause] I'm glad you enjoy it back Thanks ah choice for what's that quiet I actually don't know that letters are there fell asleep well I didn't know how to my car I didn't know how I got a guitar to be honest I just kind of showed up there anyways let's fast forward five years later now I couldn't leave you comments like this we're like maybe don't Alexander Hamilton it's like watch this in history class today or some which we do not behave at the university and watched your cocktail party of that video site collections that's a bit crazy if I'm a front of transition for beat someone who got a study side of huge YouTube video for plasma it means another miss YouTube good news was actually pretty mind-blowing I'm gonna think this is actually a perfect way you can use YouTube videos the classic right I don't think YouTube is going to revolutionize education there's actually great merit asking video on this we're basically the thesis is this revolutionize education looks overused sayings he says remember when experts predicted oh this pollution has education or this or this and you know we're all still here floppy disks to kind of change how I learn however well you to the wall coverage enhance education and multiple radically change play is still knowledge on the next generation YouTube is an incredibly beneficial tool that teachers to add at other tool belts in order to inspire kids to learn and convey knowledge to their students work third how does YouTube influence not just me but so many other people to be better learners so I'm going on a school trip to Alaska the other week and you're just hiking around as Hugh glass and their friend Billy comes up to I'm still happy that people are named Billy but a friend really comes up to me and he says Alex let's technicalities purpose and I'm like why the sky let's take those burgers and I started just be like oh you know I make videos on stuff I love making video right isn't gonna know what's technicalities purpose so I started giving a global elevator pitch that I gave you I'm like Jenna Helen's explosive if it are awesome universally they're not that's anybody's mission let's take accounting this purpose don't say there's a difference money no that Billy's the head of our robotics team so he deals with missions and purposes and bitches all the time he's an addict what is technicalities purpose why do you do what you do has a room at the time but since that I've been thinking about it quite a lot and I've been thinking about the impact both Microsystems and all the other education youtubers that I watched as a kid and still watch now has how do I like that also you know I'm a junior in high school it's May we're gearing up for flying this time playing is what I'm talking about she's also a junior at my school they tell us that junior year is the roughest time for academics so because of that open and reflecting on the way these people have impacted the way through academics the way I view education and that kind of got me gatech economy's purpose right money and all these other people how they feel of learning in a way that I believe is unprecedented right I have a passion for justice ocean of knowledge about me and I'm curious to just learn whatever I can it's because of these phenomenal people so that's my purpose for technicality to try to make other people love learning as much as these people have made me and then that's also a good answer so now I'm going to a question right due to its legacy people to be better learners by eating their curiosity to learn I haven't sort of almost ennis the pin of videos that they can explore they can be passionate about you know I end every type of talent episode the saying thank you for watching dota which is an internet thing that stands for don't forget to be awesome and explore it on to remind people that you know learning doesn't stop and know this video but rather you know they can always search more and they can always explore this amazing world around us so that means a thanks for watching dftba and explora

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