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  1. 🇮🇳🇮🇳🇮🇳🇮🇳🇮🇳👨‍💼📚📝👍👍👍. always India education is number one in the world.

  2. Fantastic may all Indians progress in education. God bless the little educated ones teaching the less privileged

  3. Now the education in India is growing rapidly. Before 10 years ago education was in the cities only but now in the villages, the education level is growing. There are a lot of schools in the cities and villages which are providing the best education in all fields for our kids/students with experienced teaching staff. In India, the craze of E-Learning is booming and here kids or students learn easily via videos and audios and text. This fulfills the gap between distance learning. Aster Public School http://www.asterinstitutions.com playing a good role to teach India.

  4. we Indians realized that British education doesn't work!! We are taking hold on our ancient wisdom once again… No one can stop us now…

  5. yes i sincearly agree with you in india the education is not used for lrarning its only used for earning and recording(not learning only recording the words in the books) im 14 and i always used to ask my friends did they studied their portions they will say yes and say alll the words they hav erecorded and not learned i think india ths the worst education system in tthe world they are only for getting marks and a job not learning something new ..please do i have any scolarship for studiying in uk pleeeeease help me i dont like this system …indians dont have sense only they ask about the marks and not about what they learned.actually i have learned more from youtube and google mor than i learned in my school .among all the things i hav learned 98 percent i have learned from youtube and google only in 2 years after i got wifi connection inmy house…i have made a gyro car a robot learned half about robotics i have made a wall e robot i have learned about transisters audrinos raspberries bio techknowlegy and a lot of science histro mor mor and more about nasa infact nasa was my aim…so please help me do i have any way to study in foregin countries lllike scholarship

  6. Engineering excellence is defined by the ability to produce 3 items – aircrafts, bullet/MRT trains and container ships. Indian engineers can't produce any. Indian engineers are stupid. They need the Japanese to build their bullet train. Indians engineers are also stupid because all Indian airlines buy their aircrafts from the US (Boeing) and France (Airbus) instead of manufacturing their own. Just look at the Indian Metro system in Delhi, Mumbai and Chennai – they get their rolling stock from Hyundai, Bombardier and CSR Nanjing.

  7. A question : Are people who don't speak hindi at a disadvantage? These kids speak Bengali, can they have a future without speaking Hindi?

  8. This video, tbh, is very stereotypical. Where i studied, english was spoken, we learned advanced math and physics, rather everything we studied was advanced. This is what government schools are like, not the private schools. Especially in big cities like bangalore, education is very refined and the topmost priority. Please don't let this video make an impression on you.

  9. Education in India very good , we should sharing about what we have know about something or science. That could help people who don't know about maybe math or learn to could to speak english very well .
    Practice more and sharing that really lovely .
    People help people

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