Education in Guatemala: Why support Cooperative for Education?

Why support Cooperative for Education? Many Schools in Guatemala have donated books but because they are often written in English mismatched, or old and tattered the just sit on shelves unopened Some schools even have a donated computer or two but they are old and break down quickly No one in the community knows how to fix
them so they just end up collecting dust Cooperative for Education’s goal is not just to donate goods to impoverished schools but also to foster lasting change in communities and empower generations of students to break out of poverty through education We discovered that by working together we could do so much
more than bring books to just one or two schools We could provide educational opportunities to kids across the entire country of Guatemala We could be providing scholarships, computer centers, reading programs through these programs, these kids could work to bring themselves, their communities and ultimately their country, permanently out of poverty Why Support Cooperative for Education? Sustainability. One of the problems I’ve seen with NGOs in Guatemala is that the programs are not sustainable when the grant ends, the program ends What sets Cooperative for Education apart is that they put sustainability right in the front end of their model they are very focused in what they do and they are very professional and skilled in how they go about doing it. The revolving fund is the key to the programs long term sustainability Students pay a small user fee which goes into
a revolving fund managed by Cooperative for Education After a short time, the school has enough money in it’s
fund to replace all of it’s textbooks or computers Families make a commitment to the project so they experience the
pride and self confidence that comes from helping themselves Cooperative for Education has made a very visible effort to engage the community in their programs It’s not a program where they come in, the do the project, they leave they actually involve all of the stakeholders and that makes it sustainable Why support Cooperative for Eduacation? Experienced Guatemalan Staff One of Cooperative for Education’s strengths is its committed and experienced staff. Including twenty five Guatemalans who work day in
day out to ensure the program’s sucess Among them is Mario Yac Mario grew up as an impoverished indigenous student in Guatemala’s western highlands He went on to become a teacher and principle before
starting with Cooperative for Education in the textbook program When I talk to school leaders about Cooperative for Education I emphasize that we are helping them to resolve a problem They trust me, because I have lived their struggle myself. Why support Cooperative for Education? Meets the Local Need Cooperative for Education supports us with the training of our teachers in turn, helping our students they also provide textbooks, improving literacy and comprehension Cooperative for Education’s programs are fantastic and increase
the quality of education in our schools 90 % of rural middle schools in Guatemala don’t provide textbooks In some communities, over 80% of students have never touched a computer Cooperative for Education provides crucial educational resources to over 200 schools across Guatemala Helping students for generations and making a lasting impact on their lives Why support Cooperative for Education? Proven Results Graduates, like Dora Por Yucate, use the skills they learn
through Cooperative for Education’s programs to achieve their goals Dora hoped to become a professional business woman, but know if it was possible Now she has the job of her dreams working in tourism And credits Cooperative for Education with making this possible. I cannot explain how much the program has helped me All of the programs, but especially with computers That is what I love. Cooperative for Education is actually very much a part
of the communities they work with, and their intention is to stay. So, of course, they are committed to the succsess of their programs they are committed to the success of their students And this, to us, is a very valuable way to invest USAID funds. In the past 8 years that I’ve been living and working in Guatemala I’ve been fortunate enough to work with over 100 NGOs as a consultant And in my mind, CoEd is in the top 5% of all of the NGOs that I’ve worked
with in terms of effectiveness and impact. You can help too, join funders like the W.K. Kellogg Foundation Service groups like Rotary International Companies like Microsoft And individuals throughout the world In supporting CoEd and breaking the cycle of poverty in Guatemala through education.
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