Education in Guatemala: How YOU can change lives in Guatemala

Meet Jacqueline She’s teaching her family how to read Jacqueline’s in the 2nd Grade I will be the first in my family to finish school. Jacqueline believes she can defeat poverty with the power of a book. you could put that book in her hands like Jeff Over a decade ago I traveled to Guatemala and discovered what
could happen by providing simple tools for a sustainable education And it’s individuals like Jacqueline who will make me never turn back Cooperative for Education – Helping Guatemalan schoolchildren break the cycle of poverty through education 90% of rural Guatemalan schools don’t provide textbooks Most students have never touched a computer mouse two brothers believe they can change all this The Cooperative for Education was started when my brother Joe and I decided to bring textbooks to just one school We helped the community to create a strategy to save
money over time and replace the books as needed and that way, students would never have to study without textbooks again We discovered that by working together we could do so much more
than just bringing books to just one or two schools We could provide educational opportunities to kids across the entire country of Guatemala We could be providing scholarships, computer centers, reading programs And through these programs, these kids could work to being themselves,
their communities, and ultimately their entire countries out of poverty supporters like you help CoEd reach more than 100,000 students like Magdalena when her father died, she was going to have to drop out of school but Cooperative for Education found her a sponsor.. Now Magdalena is pursuing her dream of one day becoming a doctor I thank you, because you helped me without knowing me. I thank you, because you helped me without knowing me. supporters like you empower Guatemalan students like Fernando poverty has separated Fernando from his family but Cooperative for Education’s reading program ignited his imagination now Fernando writes stories for the family he barely knows supporters like you help first graders like Fernando become successful graduates like Oscar Cooperative for Education taught Oscar computer skills now he has a job helping rural families start businesses I am breaking the cycle of poverty through education. Oscar is improving lives. so are Cooperative for Education supporters like Howard and Carolyn ordinary volunteers who left their careers to help Cooperative for Education in Guatemala I was going to be here for three months, to install our
first lab and I’ve been here for eight years now like Ramon Ramon sponsored a school in honor of his children My five and my three year old get lost in books
and for me to know that there are kids that don’t have that opportunity, it was just
something, for me, too hard to pass up His support gave a boy the tools to unlock his dreams what will YOU do? There are lots of ways to give kids in Guatemala a brighter future, help them directly by travelling with Cooperative for Education to Guatemala or make a difference without even leaving your chair Muchas Gracias! – Thank you very much! how about giving just $5 Did you know that it only takes $5
to bring stories like Jacqueline’s to life? Just donate online at or text the word BOOK to 20222 to donate $5 and open up a new world of opportunity for a child Messaging and data rates may apply Now, multiply your impact by forwarding this to your family and friends and encouraging them to get involved too There are thousands of kids, just like Jacqueline, Fernando, Magdalena and Oscar who won’t have the opportunity to pursue their dreams unless you take action today $5 can help one child $5,000 could help an entire community You don’t have to do it alone Get your friends and join the thousands of Cooperative for Education supporters to help Guatemalan children achieve their dreams right now. You can make a difference You can change a life YOU Start now at Cooperative for Education – Helping Guatemalan schoolchildren break the cycle of poverty through education

5 thoughts on “Education in Guatemala: How YOU can change lives in Guatemala”

  1. Hi, my name is Damaris.
    My sister and I use to live in Guatemlaa. We saw this video and thought it is beneficial for children in Guatemala. I really like what you guys are doing, me and my sister would like to help, we were wondering what other ways is there to help?
    We hope to here from you guys soon, thank you 🙂

  2. Hi Damaris, thanks for your kind words! We are always happy for new volunteers. The first thing I suggest is to sign up on our website for the eNewsletter to stay informed. Second, if you're interested in seeing our programs firsthand in Guatemala, join us for a Project Tour! You can find out more info at the link in the description above.

  3. Just in case you're new to our page or you're not familiar with the work CoEd does in #Guatemala , check out this touching video on the work being done. 

  4. In case you are new to CoEd, this video is the best introduction we can give you. Find out how CoEd’s educational programs in #Guatemala  are changing the lives of children, families, and program graduates.

    Education in Guatemala: How YOU can change lives in Guatemala

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