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Questioner: what is your opinion of teaching in native language versus teaching in English? Sadhguru: See, we must understand this – these twenty-five or thirty different languages in this country, if you add up all the dialects they tell me there are 1300 dialects, but at least twenty-five to thirty full-fledged languages with a script of their own, with a huge body of literature behind it. A full-fledged language is not a overnight happening. The oldest language on the planet is Tamil language, you’re in Tamil Nadu (Applause). language is a very important part of human intelligence. Many linguists around the world have clearly recognized the power of language. Human ability to use language essentially is rooted in India. It’s from here the ability to use the language came to the rest of the world. Almost all the languages which are largely you… you know, Europe and Arab… in Europe and Arabia based, all of them have Sanskrit influence on them. So, in our eagerness to just get a job, we don’t have to completely destroy these languages. We will lose out something very, very big. See, English is a fantastic thing in terms of its simplicity. In terms of… Because internet and you know, modern technology has taken to English language, it is a must. Nobody can be against English anymore, you got to take it. Even if you don’t like the British, you have to like the English language (Few laugh). It is part of our language now. One good thing we did… Though many bad things happened during the British rule, one good thing is we absorbed the language. Today many educated Indians can speak better English than most British can speak. It’s a good thing, but at the same time we should never kill these languages which have been there for thousands of years because the phonetic range that is there in Indian languages is such, it stimulates every aspect of who you are. English language has a very narrow phonetic range. So, this ability to use sounds to stimulate and trigger one’s intelligence and energy within ourselves is something that we should not give up. Every child must know one more language other than English, whatever that is, because any way our states are divided on linguistic basis, so in that state whatever the language is, they must know. In our over enthusiasm for employment-oriented education, I know many schools are completely destroying the local languages. This should not happen. Local language must be there. It must be a part of you. At least people should know how to speak and read, if not… you’re not a great… you don’t know how to write great literature, at least you must know how to read and speak one more language other than English language. Our education policy has taken that into consideration. It is responsibility of every school to ensure that happens. And I feel the easier way to do it is – maybe they’re studying science, they’re in a English medium, they’re largely studying English language but you could make some play, some theatre, some art, something in local languages so that people use that as a… a social thing, use that as an entertainment where there’s a natural interest in how to express themselves in that language. It is a must. We should not kill these languages because it’s taken thousands of years to create it. This is our national pride – that we have the maximum number of languages. If we had to create this many languages… See, we must understand this, for example, let’s say Tamil Nadu and Karnataka, Tamil Nadu and Andhra Pradesh, Tamil Nadu and Kerala. There are no geographical separation. There are no oceans between these states. There are no mountain ranges clearly demarcating and separating the populations for a long time. But though they lived here for thousands of years, they kept their language, these people kept their language. It’s so beautiful (Laughs). When they went to trade and transact, they learned the other language but they always kept their language. But today, the new generations are losing their language so rapidly. It’s very important, all of you, at least in your homes with your children and wherever possible, there must be a certain amount of time where we must use the local language. It’s very important. We will regret this deeply after a couple of generations if we don’t take care of it now because you can’t bring back a language. You can kill it, but you can’t breathe life into it, it’s very difficult.

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  1. True. I have seen been in Aviation Industry that people are ashamed of talking in Hindi or regional language just because they are at airport or interacting with airport staff. We must encourage to speak in our native language or National Language whenever possible and must not discourage who cannot speak English. If we look at other countries in europe and Russia they have preserved their languages pretty well.

  2. No words to say…. The greatest asset of world is our Sadhguru. Such a wonderful person with enormous energy again we cannot see in our life. All of us must utlise his presence to raise our consciousness. Innumerable thanks to Great Sadhguru ayya.

  3. The languages originated from south India esp Tamil based languages, are very perfect in nature. It is not possible for a language to evolve & maintain such perfect meaning to the language structure / language grammar etc..
    It is as if, some divine touch is present in these languages, to make it perfect.

    I still believe, these languages are the prime source of Creational knowledge for the Western Civilisation.

    Thank you for acknowledging that, the Dravidian languages are important languages to mankind.

  4. Will you eventually upload a part from his talk in Tempodrom, Berlin with Palina Rojinski? Unfortunately I didnt have the chance to go there.

  5. I had first seen sadhguru's video about three months before. Then on i download all his videos offline and watch later. Also seeing new videos and conversation. Today i say he make me understand everything about life

  6. Thanks alot Sadhghuru
    For elaborating the linguistics value in each culture around glode
    You are really a great master to explain thing in bit simpler and easier way stay blessed ustad g
    Pranam from pakistan👏👏

  7. Tamil is the oldest INDIAN language still spoken….actually it is Chinese which is the oldest language still in continuous usage….

  8. swami vivekanand said every indian should learn three languages first is their mother tongue to keep in touch with their roots ,second is english to keep in touch with world and last but most important is sanskrit to keep in touch with the spiritual knowledge of gurus and masters of ancient yogis .ऊं नमः शिवाये हर हर महादेव वंदे मातरम

  9. Better option to survive languages is to teach science and mathematics in English while History and Geography in local language.

  10. Languages are very thoughtful, time consuming and unique invention made by people. we must respect & celebrate all languages.

  11. China Russia have their own language in their education system. If u know English well then u don't need to say that English must be in Indian education system. Aapko agr pta ho toh in rural areas in India wha pe local gujarati hindi marathi me hr subject hota h till 11 12 and 1st 2nd yr of college. Toh higher studies ke liye English bacho ko kha se aa jayegi?? Jb ki unhone abhi tk hr subject local language me hi pdha ho.and there is no such system that can provide locan language in higher education. Why ?? Aap ko khudko hindi kitni aati hai ?? Wo din dur nhi jb India ke bcho ki hindi gujarati ya marathi ka knowledge hi nhi ho aur sb angrejo ki trah English bole.

  12. Indian student suffer from English not because of poor education bt the system.aisa h then primary se hr subject English me ana chaye fir higher education me tklif nhi hongi.

  13. Apko agr hindi ki exam me bethne ko bole toh aap kitne marks layenge??
    Humari khudki language hai uski tarif krni chye ya education me honi chye.
    Dusri bat yha pe pdhne ane walo ko bhi hindi sikhni chaye.
    Western culture western language western pizzaa??

  14. To make it simple…. learning in mother toungue enhances the common sense in a child.. and make him connect with his nativity.. it also helps the child to learn other language including English…. one can become a good professional if his education at basic level is in mother tounge or native language…

  15. What about Sanskrit? Isn't that our responsibility to revive it which was knowingly destroyed by invaders. It is the best language for technology, poetry and creatively expressing yourself and what not. I feel sad that sadhguru didn't utter a single word about Sanskrit revival, the mother tongue of all the great sages and yogis and the Shiva himself.

  16. If we start speaking in Sanskrit then it is guaranteed that the Ancient Bharat will be revived within next decade if not less. We should start taking Sanskrit seriously.

  17. Yaeh tamil is oldest language and every body can take pride of tamil because all our ancestors are tamilans.we should learn in our own language. It ll make us learn simpler .

  18. I must confess, I very much appreciate today Sadhguru and his views even when I may not agree. I’d like to know and ask what he thinks about the difference between vedism and Hinduism. And if vedism was a superior culture more freer and open.. more brave and democratic more thinking and progressive and if Hinduism rusted India after that. Or am I wrong.

  19. கல்விய தாய் மொழியில் கற்பிக்கலாமானு கேட்டதற்கு … என்ன சொல்லறாரு நம்ப சத்குரு answer not suited with the question

  20. Guruji language may be a tool to communicate however the first book written in the world is the veda that was written in sanskrit further more to write a book we need numbers, letters and grammar. civilization is not how to use fork and spoon but it is education and the foundation of education is the combination of numbers, letters and grammar. it justifies world's the first civilization that is Indus civilization and that was decorated in sanskrit. so will you justify how the Tamil language is first language in the world ? jaya shree krishna !!!

  21. Teaching must be in mother tongue too so that we able to grasp knowledge easily. So shree sadhguru u may have great value for English becoz u don't know to speak your mother tongue but due to we have not mother tongue in school we are 3.5 times back than we deserve becoz we think, we express, we song all in mother tongue so why we have to colonize by English.

  22. आप हिंदी में क्यों नहीं बात करते ?
    हिंदी हमारी राष्ट्रभाषा है ।

  23. Yes. Language is key to a way of thinking – a different perspective on any topic. Many perspectives lead to more complete understanding – and greater intelligence.

  24. Thanku sadguru from my bottom of the heart. Really thanku so much you just clear my confusion regarding language.

  25. Very true! But Hindi language is imposed on others to destroy regional languages.. Respect other languages.. stop Hindi in other states except some North India states

  26. English medium schools must be banned. English should be an optional language with other options like German, Russian etc.
    Native languages should be the medium of education with hindi as
    a mandatory other language. English should be optional.
    Through this way people will learn 3 languages. One is the native the other is hindi and the third is optional which can be English or Russian etc.

  27. Kannada language also 3rd oldest language in India. Ofter the Tamil and Sanskrit. Kannada is 2230 year old language. Already declared. ಜೈ ಕರ್ನಾಟಕ ಜೈ ಕನ್ನಡಾಂಬೆ 🙏🙏🙏💕

  28. Why Indians should not learn to learn in our languages? Chinese are producing better research in Chinese language than what Indians are producing research in English language.

  29. english simple hai worldwide…lekin jab hum bharat ki baat karte hain toh Hindi bharat k andar global hai.
    mujhe lagta hai sabhi ko Hindi hi use karni chahiye… mein kisi regional language(tamil, punjabi, gujarati) ki baat nhi kr raha…
    agar sare log Hindi bolna seekhe to ye desh phir se ek ho skta hai

  30. My dear guruji you are good with english but have a great problem with hindi.
    Even I dont think hindi should imposed anywhere in the country, everyone should be good with his own mother tongue.
    But you should think about it, I think hindi is more our own rather than english.
    महाराज जी अंग्रेजी को छोड़िये हिंदी सीख लेंगे तो ज़्यादा भारतीय फील आएगा। अंग्रेजी बोलने में दिकत नहीं है पर तमिलियन हैं तो हिंदी नहीं बोलेंगे अंग्रेजी बोल लेंगे।
    अरे तमिल बोलो अपने तमिल वालों से बाकि भारत में जो जान पहचान बानी है उसमे वीडियो डब करना पड़ता हैं हिंदी में।
    अंग्रेजी तो जैसे आपके परदादा की भाषा रही हो।
    अच्छा नहीं लग रहा है ये सब आपसे कहने में पर आपको अभी भी कुछ सीखने की ज़रूरत है ऐसा मुझे लगा।

  31. Super Guruji nimma mathu super nice navu support nimma mathige and we will accept definitely government take over their language

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