Education in Conflict: Kashmir’s Community helps Children

The way the education was getting suffered due to the turmoil prompted us to establish this tuition centre. We provide free education to all here. Students from pre-nursery to 10th class have been coming here now. Many volunteer teachers joined us to assist in this initiative who belong to other fields of profession. How has been the response of the students to this? The students have responded well and parents too have cooperated in this regard. Since when did you join the tuition here? From last three to four weeks. How much do they charge you here? Nothing, it’s all free. Did you find it productive? Yes, I would not have been able to cover the syllabus during the months of unrest if I had stayed back home. I have started providing tuitions since last month because of the prevailing bad circumstances. I want to help my colleagues(other volunteer teachers) because the current situation in Kashmir valley is not good and it’s a shutdown since long. I advice other qualified youth to come to the assistance of these students. Since when you have started taking up these classes? From last month. Are you charging anything from the students? No, nothing at all. I have joined this free tuition center since last one month so that if the exams are conducted anytime soon, we would be prepared for that as the schools are shut. Due to the continuous stone pelting and killings of the youth, the situation in the valley is getting worse. In these free tuition centers, the teachers are providing us with the quality education. Since when are you attending the tuitions here? From last three to four days. How do they teach you here? Very well. Did you find it fruitful to attend these tuitions? Yes.

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