Education in Africa

Did you know the Open University
operate quite heavily in Africa? Whereabouts in Africa? All of these places.
That’s a lot of countries. Let me have a look. I’ve been
to Egypt, I’ve been to Sudan, I’ve been to Uganda, Kenya, Tanzania,
Rwanda, this is amazing! I’ve been to a couple of places round
here that you haven’t reached yet but that’s probably because
they have relatively good education. These look like very needy places.
Can you tell me your name? My name is Daniel Nti. I’m the head of the Open Africa
Office in the Open University. And you get to see that all of these
areas receive educational programmes. I get to see most of these areas
receive educational programmes but, yes, the idea here
is that the Open University is working with the governments,
higher education institutions and international partners to help
build capacity within the region, in areas like the health sector,
teacher educational sector, restoring the university
infrastructure, etc. But the main idea is to help bring the distance learning
technology pedagogy incorporating
the established institutions within the Africa region. I imagine when the internet
really hits Africa properly, your job will be
much easier than it is now. It certainly will and as you know Africa
is leapfrogging technology so the job is not as difficult
as it seems right now. It looks like really rewarding work and I want to congratulate you on
what looks like a really expansive, a lot of education going out to make
Africa a better place for its people. Thank you, and in the OU
we’re quite excited about it and the academics are all excited
about helping their colleagues in the Africa region, so thank you. Thank you.

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