Education in action

(upbeat music) – The most meaningful
thing throughout law school has been the people I’ve met. The students and the professors who really all seem to want
the best for each other. (upbeat music) – Our faculty, staff, and
loyal network of alumni are here to teach you, inspire you, and help you accomplish more
than you ever thought possible. – When I first started law school, basically the one thing I
didn’t think I would want to do would be trial work. After doing trial team, I
don’t think I would be happy doing anything but trial work. Because I enjoy the interaction, I enjoy thinking on my feet, and I think that because of trial team, now I’m going to pursue something that allows me to get into the courtroom relatively quickly after I graduate. – [Lindsay] Whatever your interests, our curriculum has something to offer. And it’s constantly
changing to meet the demands of an evolving legal market. We are especially proud of
our New York City program on finance and law, which gives students an
opportunity to study and live in New York City for a full semester. (upbeat, cheerful music) – So I am participating in a clerkship with a federal second circuit judge. Which is one level below the
United States Supreme Court. I am working with these law clerks who were the top of their class at the top Ivy League schools. They have a top-tier education, yet I’m working right alongside them. I’m learning from them when I need to, but I’m also able to stand on my own. – Many of our students
participate in clinics that serve the needs
of low income residents in Western New York and cover issues such as consumer law, housing, workers’ rights, and immigration. – The class I took was poverty in Buffalo. Those issues really spoke to me. I’ve always wanted to teach my community. I’ve always wanted to help my community. UB being so accepting of people being who they are really added value to my experience in life and just my overall
experience after law school. – I’m so lucky to have
been able to participate in clinics and internship opportunities where I can practice
law before I’m a lawyer. I’m able to see what my legal education is going towards, during
my legal education time. (upbeat music)

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