Education Freedom – Faith’s Homeschool Story

My dad is in the military and on average we
move every two years to a new state. I’m sixteen to you can guess how many places
I have lived and how many schools I would have attended. Homeschooling has allowed for an easier academic
transition throughout our transient lifestyle. Home education allows us to move at any point
in the school year and we are not held back by an academic calendar. I am an ambitious learner because my mom and
dad have cultivated a love of learning in our home. Being home schools, I can shape my school
work and my pace according to my interests like piano, my dreams like traveling, subjects
I excel at like Latin and reading like my shirt is “Emma” by Jane Austen, and courses
I struggle with like math. Even though high school is more demanding
and stressful, I still love to learn due to the hands-on approach my parents used when
I was young. Our family loves to learn together in nature
especially when exploring national parks as we move across the country. Experiences like these make me yearn to know
more, and I know my siblings feel the same way. As you can see, home education fits our family
hand in glove. All families, regardless of where they should
live, how much they make, and how they learn, should have the opportunity and the freedom
to choose this option if they desire it. (Applause) As Secretary DeVos stated, all
students should have the freedom to pursue an education that develops they talents, unleashes
their unique potential, and prepares them for a successful life. American freedom should include the freedom
of school choice for every single family, be it public, private, charter, apprenticeship,
dual-enrollment, special education, tutoring, or home education. I pray that American children benefit from
this educational choice and that they will become responsible, respectful, and generous
citizens for generations to come. Thank you.

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