Education Foundation – Advancing Lynchburg City Schools

world for tomorrow takes the hard work and creativity of
our teachers today but they can’t do it alone if you are just providing
communication these objectives are gone and are not reaching their full
potential if you have kids actually I want to
interact with objectives you’re trying to teach their hands on learning that is
a much higher level type are still learning and education Foundation’s help
that because in reality the support of the community is crucial that’s where the Lynchburg city schools
Education Foundation comes in the board of the Lynchburg city schools Education
Foundation is comprised of community leaders it’s very important to help
those people that have a presence in the community and can effectively help raise additional monies for the
donation to support for more than 30 years the Lynchburg city schools and
education foundation has helped foster advocacy and secure financial support to
provide create learning tools for teachers and students innovation is to
both encourage and support innovation in the classroom we have many many students
with many many learning styles and support the teacher at work all time to
try to reach all over students no matter where they are on that learning spektr
Education Foundation has helped Dunbar’s to get me to bring grants that being
used as tools for outreach I mean those kids are in season up to ease here we
have because the education Education Foundation awards more than
$70,000 in corporate sponsor teacher grades to the Education Foundation
grants available to purchase many different things from a classroom those
include lasers plasma balls we have not a panic system our school struggles with
fundraising it’s very difficult for us to find the money for to fund creative
project outside of the typical leads that we have during the school day and
so through the end foundation we are able to provide access to materials
programs and in some cases electronic devices for students that we would never
be able to provide the teacher grant program is just one of many way the
Education Foundation helps LCS without surveys done which features been between
300 and 400 dollars a year out of their pocket in the founders of the nation
didn’t want that meeting money to be the barrier to Innovation Center tools for
schools warehouse which provides a new way for companies to donate new and used
items that can be used by teachers and school is a place where we receive
donations also belong to a group some nonprofit reading materials at a
greatly reduced costs so we can purchase items through this network these small
gifts from the community that makes a huge difference in the classroom a new
program that we started to talk actually and so we work to provide school
supplies backpacks are necessary to students to make sure that all their
students supplies the Foundation also aims to
promote and recognize student achievement each year to Lynchburg city
schools Education Foundation hosts a Senior Honors recognition dinner they
get to apply to family get and very special teacher from their work City
Schools experience they received certificates it is just a great night of
celebrating sponsored by businesses that also value the success of students the
senior honors dinner recognizes the top 15 seniors from each high school
administrators board members and community business leaders are also in
attendance to honor and celebrate and to help with those next steps to Lynchburg
city schools Education Foundation awards scholarships a team has put together to
review the applications and select the recipients of scholarships they can
cover anything from tuition books and fees and every spring foundation holds
breakfast with the superintendent an event that highlights unique else he has
programs from local businesses and community members none of these programs
will be possible without the help of corporate sponsors and private donations
from people like you I’m a supporter of the foundation i do a
payroll deduction every every two weeks to support the work that they do I think
it’s important that as a employee of Lynchburg city schools that
I support their work and I encourage community members and other employees to
do this thing

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