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welcome to Excel 2010 essential training I'm Bob Blitzer and I'm excited to bring this course to you I'll show you everything you need to get up to speed and excel quickly so you can be productive in the shortest possible time we'll start by making sense of the interface and by using the ribbon toolbar I'll even show you how to customize it of course the most important part of Excel is knowing how to write formulas I'll make it understandable so you'll be writing formulas with the best of them in no time once your worksheet has the information you need you'll want to make it look good we'll build a worksheet from start to finish that not only looks good but also conveys the information clearly do you want to know how to create great-looking three-d charts or maybe you want a powerful way of summarizing or analyzing data we'll do all that and more so let's get started learning how to use Microsoft Excel 2010

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