Education for Health Celebration

I studied with Education for Health, I did
my diplomas for COPD and Asthma, and because they were so wonderful I went on to do my
degree with them. I think the biggest challenge is time, trying
to fit the modules in with family, work, all the other commitments that you’ve got and
then having to put aside the time, but everybody is really supportive down here. The tutors are very supportive and it was through a practical approach, and it was not
like, more feeding into the students. The students were given the opportunity to explore
[by] themselves in their own way. Excellent support, always at the end of the
phone and always at the end of an email if you are doing it distance learning. Education for Health’s probably the easiest way to achieve getting the next level of your academic qualification done, which you can actually fit around your working life because
doing training and going to face to face lectures with a traditional university is probably
not doable in a modern healthcare professional’s career now.

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