Education for All: Disability, Diversity and Inclusion

When we think about education for all. What
is inclusion? Why discuss it? Inclusion is important because it implies an acceptance
and a celebration of human diversity. It is about all of us. We need to contribute and
participate and know that we’re making a difference in our communities and in the lives
of others. It is through inclusion that we achieve education for all children in all
their diversity. In this course we’ll focus on a particular
aspect of diversity which is disability. We’ll learn more about how our educational systems
can adjust to welcome children with disabilities into schools and we’ll also look at how the
student can be supported to be, to participate, and to belong. When my son was born we were told that he
had a genetic syndrome, and words like ‘mental retardation’, ‘developmental delay’
were thrown at us. And this meant all our dreams for his future were shattered. And
we had no idea what education would look like for him. But as he started growing and as we started
hearing about what the options were, this idea of inclusion really appeal to us. The
idea that Matt could be accepted for who he was in a every day government school where
he could learn alongside the children from the community,
and not segrelated to a school for children with special needs. You do not have to be a well resourced school
to make inclusion happen. The three main resources you actually need are passion, commitment,
and cooperation. What is amazing about inclusion is that when it is successful, it is beneficial
to everyone who participated in making it happen. So this is what the course is about.
We come together to engage and to explore proven ways of making inclusion happen, and
in this way we further the goal of education for all.

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