Education example – National Conversation on Health Inequalities

Around 20% of the children are not in
the habit of coming to school. They come from homes where families have become disengaged with education in its broader sense They’ve got a feeling of helplessness, poor self-esteem, and all the mental health that goes with that, but also things like proper eating yes sticker on a few lines to any school
in your console her to a police officer working a whole time I don’t control the
corridors looking to arrest people is not about us about building
relationships bring down those barriers to people that I work with particular
the students in the families in the area The traditional school is built around
departments, so staff are clubbed together in terms of groups and in terms of their
accommodation according to a common interest which is a subject. At Excelsior, in our small schools, the common interest is the children access your account school within a school money so I’m site
here we’ve got three secondary schools which is from 11 to 16 shouldn’t laugh as a part of everything
that we do we’ve got stuff I’ll meet the children as the committee school in
about half hour attendants officers to go out and pick children up any
difficulties are not able to come to school for different reasons we have a
lunch with the children it’s really lovely you got no children I’ll find out what’s
happening as you see the food locally sourced it absolutely beautiful dedicated welfare teams in each of the
schools we’ve got school health that we won’t really really closely with we’ve
got counselors i’m saying is well so so much as we do do from a welfare basis the backbone of the success so
essentially caring for the children making sure that they’re in every day
making sure that the world had been true that there had a good standard of
uniform that they understood expectations of behavior and so in time the attendance is really a pro bono
national outrage over by people of national outrage at a mid-level to the
children of really really improved in terms of progress we want to hide old
who was in the city and that’s all down to this model which is about focus on
children and their needs to deliver them know them well I accountability good support could
support every aspect of their life to enable them to learn to make progress to
believe in themselves and to achieve

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