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  1. Everyone faces in one direction for a reason. Do you know how much it sucks to have to keep turning your body 180 degrees while taking notes?

  2. The use of ICT is fun, but for your information: a teacher's job is not only teaching in class. Their job is a lot. Grading, making test questions, making exercises, making administration and also PREPARING the material. And they must teach for minimum 24 teaching hours a week. It means minimum 6 classes a week (with minimum 25 students per class).
    So, to make a hi tech teaching material, they don't have enough time. And also if the teacher is not able in ICT how? So please the students also understand it and they can help their teacher to make the lesson more fun, for example: help the teacher to make good ICT presentation, give ideas to make the lesson fun, understand they must learn for their own future.
    A  teacher is a human also. They need a time for leisure withe their family and friends. A teacher spends their life for working 8 hours at school a day + min 2 hours a day at home to make preparation, grading etc. Also min 4 hours on Saturday or Sunday to finish their tasks as their RESPONSIBILITIES.

  3. my school doesn't have those things..only computers..from school, we're not allowed to bring iPad, mobile phone, tablets..

  4. …Right… Because sitting in a bean bag makes a student way more lazy than they would be if they were sitting in a chair?

  5. I agree with the whole principle of bring technology into the classroom and completely changing the methods of learning… but bean bag really??? that's not productive just dam lazy 😛

  6. These students want so little. They want to work cooperatively, like we do in the "real" world. They want their working space to be comfortable, aesthetically pleasing and efficient. Isn't this what we all want? They want to work with modern tools, like adults do.
    With the possible exception of the technology (& even that is debatable) what they want does not cost anything! Give it to them!

  7. It is crucial to allow students to express themselves. It shows in this video how that's possible. Keep it coming guys!!!!

  8. Its important to look at the over all cost here.
    One laptop can reasonably last u 5 years, if not longer, so over the course of a ten year school cycle ull need 2 laptops.
    On the other hand without it ull need books every year, pencils and paper every week and all kinds of other instruments.

    Looking at the big picture the laptops are quite a bit cheaper.

  9. @TheSpencer911 "That's society and society follows a heirachal structure." Not necessarily (and its hierarchical not heirachal). It's only one of the way a society can function. There are some other ways. "they get A's if they try hard enough". A's does not exactly reflect the intended learning aimed by education institutions. Dude, some of the students get A out of cheating. They learned alright, they learned cheating. You want to call that "learning"?

  10. @LuciferAmadeus How exactly am I being ignorant? All I seem to be doing is stating how it is in such an environment

  11. This video is really quite ignorant, it says that children can't learn in such circumstances. However, my school is quite similar, my classmates seem to be fine with it, they get A's if they try hard enough. Similarly, if you want to change it, then wait your turn, if you want these changes, then wait until you get a job with education and work your way up the ranks, it's very much different if you complain about it to the decision maker. That's society and society follows a heirachal structure.

  12. Some of the video was promising and interesting, but the statement "Our opinions are the answer" is really ignorant — there is such a thing as content knowledge! Yes, let's find more diverse and interactive ways access and process knowledge – but, sorry, it isn't just your opinion!

  13. @jbjoker22 They have programs that allow the teacher to take control remotely or just view multiple student's screens. It actually makes it much harder to slack-off and much easier for the teacher to see who is having difficulty. I'd be more worried about theft (students pawning the devices off).

  14. What makes today's education industrial? Students leave the home at the same time, five days a week, to go to a place away from home where they all learn the same thing at the same pace. Industrial because this kind of education is systematic. What's the alternative? Don't go to school, meet in each other's homes in smaller groups one day a week and bring the learning to the school. Teacher's scared of this – because students take learning into their own hands? Yes!

  15. me parece fantàstico, pero como se puede trabajar en un salòn demasiado estrecho y pequeño, con 50 alumnos, lo colocarè en pràctica todo lo que vi, es maravilloso el video, genialmente excellente

  16. Learning in groups is not all its cracked up to be. Groups are excellent for analysing individual ideas, but the ideas themselves are better arrived at by individuals who have space and freedom to work alone.

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