Education, Development, Teaching, and Learning EDTL

Right now is a very exciting time to be
an educator At Central WashingtonUniversity many advances are being made on how we connect with students, craft welcoming and inclusive environments and create engaging and meaningful learning experiences We teach the future teachers
like you by modeling the ways we hope they will teach. Our classes our interactive, hands-on, creative, intellectually engaging and inspiring. I love that Central has classes where we meet in class every couple days but then
we’re also in the classroom on our off days so we get to take what we have
learned and apply it directly to a classroom and with kids and see how it
works and how we can actually use it in the future. Our professors have really
prepared us for what we’re going to do in an actual classroom. In the ETTL department we offer several
different major minor and master’s programs that lead the certification in
Washington State. Our major programs are early childhood education which covers birth to elementary grade three. Elementary education which spans
kindergarten to grade eight, and special education which prepares educators for working with exceptional learners from kindergarten to grade 12. Our masters and
Post bachelors programs are literacy, special education and teaching English as a second language TESL. I was scared to go to Central like I was scared to go to college because I was so young and I’m like can I do it and I realized when
I especially when I started the education program here after my gen Ed’s
were done I was really successful and I my confidence was built up through like
field experiences that we were given and now I’m in my student teaching and I’ve
gotten to put all of my skills to work and I my confidence is just shot through
the roof and I feel like I am finally like so ready to get out there. Future teacher’s flock to Central Washington University because of our storied past of over a hundred and twenty-five years of preparing educators. Our excellent
preparation programs, a dedicated educational community and our commitment
to our learners. We love working with future educators come and make a
difference with us. I get this amazing opportunity to work with the future
generation I mean I get to help them discover their skills and grow in those
skills and discover new things and become a little bit more of who they are
meant to be. I think we’ve definitely entered into a new
of how teaching is done in C entral is at the front-runner of that.

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