Education Career Ambassador – Bree’s story

(upbeat music) – I guess in some ways
teaching is in my blood. My parents were both teachers. I remember from a very early
age being at shopping centres, and kids yelling out to my parents and coming over for a chat, seeing the difference that
you can make in kids’ lives. At the end of my degree,
I thought I had my journey all mapped out as to what I wanted to do, and I was three weeks
shy of heading to London when I got a phone call offering me a position in the Torres Strait, accepted the contract, had
no idea what I was in for. I really didn’t know what
life was going to be like. It was meant to be home for six months, and it ended up being home for just under two and a half years, played a very special part
in my teaching career. I’ve been able to
transfer across the state to schools from the Torres
Strait, Cairns, and Brisbane. One of the things I’ve learned is that you can make anywhere home, and the best way to do that is connecting with community
and colleagues over a cuppa, sharing a laugh, and having a bite to eat, whether it’s here in a cafe in Cairns, or under a Mackay tree
in the Torres Strait. You really do make a
difference in kids’ lives, and for me as a teacher it’s not just about teaching content, it’s about teaching what
it is to be a good human and actively contribute to society. I’ve been blessed to work
in some amazing schools across the state that I felt at home in, because that philosophy around that holistic learning,
innovation, creativity, is embedded into everyday life. From the Torres Strait I
transferred to Brisbane, and there was something that
was, I guess, really missing. That was that small close-knit community and the fact that you’d
walk down to the local shop on an afternoon, and
they’d know your name, and you’d have a chat and a laugh, it wasn’t lonely, it was home. If someone was to ask me
why I’ve become a teacher, I think it’s an incredibly
rewarding profession. You will randomly come
across a kid that you taught, and they’ll remember you or share a story about a class that they had with you or something about your
teaching that they remember. I once read a quote,
“You become a reflection “of the places you’ve been
and the people you’ve met.” And I think that that really has stayed with me throughout my life. (upbeat music)

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