Education Career Ambassador – Alison Terhorst’s story

Hi I’m Alison Terhorst and I’m one of the 2018 education careers ambassadors. This week we’re in Mount Isa
visiting Spinifex State College where I used to teach. How did I end up in Mount Isa? I answered a phone call from
the department while I was still one my final prac. After I hung up the phone
then I Googled where Mount Isa was and I went okay looks
like I’m up for an adventure. The emotion hit me more when
I got on the plane in Brisbane knowing that I was leaving
absolutely everybody I knew behind and then watching
the landscape through the window changing from
you know there’s water, there’s a beach, it’s green,
it’s slowly getting browner and browner and drier and drier. And then landing at the
airport and just seeing red and dust. What have I done? But I was always surrounded
by somebody who could tell from the look on my
face what was going on. In a really short amount of
time I wasn’t missing anyone. I was too busy, there’s too many people, too many things to do and too
many rivers to be floating down and camels to be looking
at to be missing anybody at home. Going back to Spinifex and
seeing my old classroom and particularly seeing Francis, a student that was in my
very very first class, seeing her now as a teacher
with her own classes is a really emotional thing
for me because she’s still little year nine Francis to me. And then she’s running a classroom. And running it really well. I remember, I guess you
had the most personality of all the teachers. Crazy, kind of loud teacher. Oh, this is different. It’s fun. You cared about us as people. I don’t think I’ve had many
teachers like that since. Aw, I’m gonna cry.
(gentle music) That’s half the reason why I
do my job is seeing that growth in my, my little people, up to
adults and I love finding out where my students have ended
up and just going yeah maybe I might have a little part in that. At no point when I lived
here did I think that I would be back here 14 years later
talking to people about how amazing my time was here. I assumed it was somewhere to
go, somewhere to get out of, but it’s been a wake up call
to me about how important that time at Mount Isa actually
was for me as a teacher. (gentle music)

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