Education at Maastricht University

This mixture of all kinds of things
makes Maastricht very unique. It still has that feeling of a young university
where anything is possible. We have applied Problem Based Learning as our teaching
method from the start in all programs. They want to study with the PBL system. They have heard that PBL is a very
special way to teach and to learn and that we always have very small classes
and that is what they are looking for. Students are very much engaged in the discussion. The students are surprised that
we are easily approachable, available. We have this really dynamic
interaction between teachers and students. It allows you to have a very close contact and the students really challenge you, because
it’s fresh for them and it’s new and they ask questions that you haven’t
thought of before. Maastricht University at the moment has 50%
international students, which we believe is an enormous asset also to the
education. When you are in small rooms with twelve students and you let the students run the discussions, they start understanding each other cultures, which
is so important in the modern workplace, because the modern workplace is international. We also believe that next to an International Classroom it’s also important that disciplines work together, that students are trained in more than
one discipline and I think it’s fair to say that the courses we offer are very up-to-date and very relevant for young people. We constantly monitor
what is happening in Europe, in the world. As a university, we’re so fortunate to
be integrated in the city, which means the students live close by and they’re
always running into each other. Τhere are a lot of cafes, you sit outside even in
the winter sipping coffee. I can imagine that the skills that you
learn in PBL would give you an advantage on the job market. Being able to work in groups,
taking leadership in certain issues. Formulating problem statements. Communication skills, presenting my ideas. Convince others. Students here are not
passive consumers who go through the education factory. They are designing
their own curriculum, they’re making their own choices, they’re asking their
own questions and they’re doing it together. That we, as a university,
facilitate. I think for many young people this is a very worthwhile place to be.

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  1. I used to date a lady graduated from Maastricht University, now back in China, the lady has a high expectation and hard to make friends.

    Educational opportunities are supposed to be universal, sadly the competitions among nations, companies and families, stakeholders are so permeate that it becomes exclusive assets. Anyway, after I subscribing this channel, some online courses are offered, nice step!

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