Education at Iowa

Education at the University of Iowa is
about making an impact. Iowa is home to the first dedicated
college of education in the United States.
Hawkeye teachers carry that spirit of leadership in education
around the world. -I think that teachers have a
really big impact and starting from a young age is like what I want to do. -You take a lot of pride
in the people around you and all the great things that
they’re doing and you just know that you’re a part of that group
and that you have the opportunity
to do the same things in your life. I really like the
spirit that was on campus here and the family atmosphere that I felt when I was
on campus. The classes are small so you get to know everyone in your classes and
since there’s maybe 20, 30 kids, the professor’s k now you really well.
It’s really easy to ask questions. It’s such a welcoming environment
It’s something that you wouldn’t expect at a big
University like this. The support here is
incredible so teachers, professors they want to encourage you in every way and
not only faculty but the other students in the College of Ed. The practicum field
experience component is really important. Our kids get over a hundred hours of
field experiences throughout the three methods courses that they participate in. The field experiences associated with our program are well above what the
state requires and that’s my choice. The practicum really gives you a chance to
see yourself in the classroom and I’ve been having a really good time with that. I just love working with kids and seeing them get excited about school. Going into the schools is like nothing else and I think that is the biggest thing that’s
gonna prepare me. We have a program in place that allows our candidates to feel
confident and ready to launch knowing that it’s a lifelong process.

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