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I chose this course at Cambridge, because I’m really interested in digging into the foundational questions of education. But, I’m also really keen to think about what education is. And why it’s the way it is, and what it could be. Studying education at Cambridge, involves you asking some of the most deep, and important questions that humanity has ever asked itself. What is the nature of justice? How should we live our lives together? What should young people learn? Cambridge is a world class university, and has some of the best resources and facilities in the world as a result. The most important resources of course, is the people who actually teach you, who are leading researchers in the areas you’ll be studying. Students on the course get a strong, academic training. In a range of disciplines. The education policy international development track, involves looking at some of the world’s biggest challenges in education. It’s concerned with the fact that many children around the world, don’t have access to a good quality of education. The education, psychology, and learning track, involves a mix of psychology, and education. We give students the opportunity to work in our observation lab, where they can study child development and learning, in a real context. Our lectures for the education, English, drama and the arts track, are particularly interactive. We have a lecture – seminar approach, which means lots of discussion, lots of engagement. It’s that you can go into your lecture room, and literally have a lecture from the person who fills up half of your reading list. The facilities for education, are truly remarkable. So, it’s a very modern building, that we get to have our lectures in, and a lot of our research is done here as well. I think my favorite experience on the course, is the feeling of having intellectual and existential epiphanies on a regular basis. I’m just constantly having my world view challenged and re-shaped. And that’s something that really stimulates me, and really excites me. Even within education, there just such a breadth of topics. Looking at things historically, sociologically, psychologically, philosophically even. My advice to anyone thinking about applying, is to do so. You’ll find exciting, rewarding, and vibrant. I think my main message for anyone thinking about applying, is just do it. Just apply.

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