Education as a Right and Resource in Minnesota

what is education like in Minnesota if
your your family speaks another language in my family it’s very common to speak
at least two or three languages our native language spoken at home the
official language of our country and sometimes a language of a neighboring
country it was very normal to speak and learn other languages in order to talk
to the different groups of people around us when we came to the United States we
had to learn English too in fact support to learn English is a
civil right for all students who don’t speak it in 1974 the Supreme Court ruled
that schools must accommodate non-english speaking students for many
English Learners or ELs schools provide English language classes or support like
co-teaching depending on your English level you have a lot or a little support
at school to help you fully participate even though Minnesota is a great state
to raise a family and get an education this is not true for many people of
color including eels based on test scores ELs have not done as long with
classmates even though they might be very smart and there are less likely to
graduate in four years ELs need time to learn the English
language necessary in school and the majority of children in EL are in fact
us-born and therefore they need a different kind of ell program that is
relevant to their experience this is one reason why many parents want to see more
native language classes in school so that their children like me can
communicate with their parents grandparents and others in the community
and outside of the United States plus the Minnesota economy depends on my
quality of education languages are right and a resource
not a problem studies show that knowing in native language helps students thrive
academically state and federal laws call for better programs for AOS adequate
training for educators and stronger family involvement English language
development is now part of how well schools doing even though we have a few
laws in place for quality education everyone can do more to improve ill and
multilingual education students if you are an English Learner have confidence
in your abilities demand a better education if you think your EL classes
are too easy and you have great grades parents continue to engage with their
students to demand better education and make decisions with their students and
teachers to make sure your student does well in class graduates and is ready for
college teachers listen to students and families so you can help them advocate
for up-to-date ell services that meet the needs of diverse CLS administrators
provide strong and innovative professional development and programs
strengthen ell and multilingual departments with bilingual teachers and
elevate family engagement policymakers none of this can happen without
resources continue and increase funding to the Minnesota Department of Education
and schools that serve us supporting multilingualism as a rate and resource
also strengthens English proficiency communication skills and culture
attention and sharing the path toward education excellence includes language
let’s come together to promote language justice in our schools

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  1. Great video! Being multilingual is not a problem – it is a great asset. Our youngest multilingual children need access to high quality early learning experiences. We need to make sure that our early childhood educators know how to best support multilingual learners.

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