Education and Public Policy Undergraduate Program

The Education and Public Policy Program
is a major in the College of Education. We designed it for individuals who are
interested in education, but are not necessarily interested in going into teaching
immediately or, or at all. They’re interested in broad issues of public
policy, broad issues of education policy.>>It kind of gives us an opportunity to work directly in policy at the state level, local level, or federal level or also in research at either non-profits or different
>>One of the things that really attracted me to this major, I was able to see that you can go into
any kind of direction within the education system. The guidance that the facutly has given us within the curriculum, how to research properly, and how to analyze policies, have really helped me a lot. The great thing about this major is it’s really interdisciplinary, so we take tons of education policy courses, but we also take history, poli sci, sociology, so it’s really comprehensive so it’s really great if you
have a lot of interests and you kind of want to create your own major and just kind
of use the lens of education to kind of build this thing that you want to make out of your four years at Penn State.
>>One of the exciting things is
that individuals have real hands on experience in education and public policy. All students in the major will do an
internship along the the way. And this is the way that the realize they can both engage in helping improve and change the world of education, and yet do it from outside the classroom.
>>Having a small program meant that there was very direct contact, very direct and regular and high quality contact between the students and the professors and and I know that my son really appreciated that. I think he, he got an education about an education
and that was a real eye opener for him and in his case, he has a particular interest
in a certain population, which is special needs children. Education across
the board from you know lower levels all the way on up. So he found that this is a very good home for him at Penn State to pursue
those kinds of interests.
>>People have often found themselves
using the degree to go in areas they had not yet anticipated,
whether it’s working for for-profit companies or whether it’s
working for non-profit agencies. There’s really a limitless set of things that
they can do with this major.>>Going into this major just enlightened me so much. I wish that there was more.

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