Education and gender equality: main challenges

The results of our work have shown that several gender-related challenges exist in education First there are some
cultural factors gender bias lead still to segregated educational choices for
boys and girls Another important factor is connected to the whole infrastructure of the education system Gender equality is not
structurally and mandatorily embedded in curriculum development and in the
competence development of teachers and trainers The contemporary action of
those two factors leads to gender segregation in education but furthermore
in employment and labor market and we have seen that those factors work in the same way even in those countries that have a solid gender equality culture and still create segregated pathways for boys and girls in education and then in employment Teachers are the main actors who can influence students’ gender perception as well as their career and study choices That’s why it is so
important that teachers are provided with the initial and continuous
professional development on gender equality that is sustainable and most
importantly practical as well as they’re provided with the teaching materials and curricula that reflects the perspective that is free of gender stereotypes and of course it’s also very important to create a gender sensitive environment in
the whole school that would respond to the specific needs of both boys and girls so that we can overcome the traditional roles in the society In the field of policy and legal action, Equinet and equality bodies suggest the use of statutory duties It is an extremely useful tool and it requires all actors in education to take into account equality when they are conducting their policies It is also important to keep in mind that everyone has multiple identities We encourage an intersectional approach one that takes
into account that we are not only talking about boys and girls but also
boys and girls with multiple identities some with a certain sexual orientation or coming from an ethnic group or coming from a certain perhaps disadvantaged socio-economic group

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  1. 94% of all work place deaths are men – 80% of all homeless people are men – What are you doing at these Gender Equality Issues?

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