Education Administration Program

Well in my school district there are
a lot of teachers and leaders who have gone
through the program and my principal suggested that I take
the Intro to Educational Leadership and I
was hooked! Mostly because the teacher taught the class that
matched the philosophies that were being taught. And so I decided that that was going to be the program for me.
So I choose Portland State because they had a cohort model, which I had
experienced in previous educational settings. And I really liked it.
I found that I have a lot of friends peers who were going through the same
things as me and they gave good advice and they helped
me through and I helped them through. So it was a great experience.
I felt like all the assignments and all the research and all the discussions that we had as a
cohort were really about the work in education that an administrator would do.
We had opportunities to listen to leaders in
the field, we had opportunities to go to the COSA conference, all sorts of
incredible opportunities that I would not have gotten had not
been a part of this program. I think most rewarding thing about the
program is just all the different experiences and people that you get to
meet, doing this work, the connections you get
to make. I really learned a lot about equity and how to
put equity in the practice in my school building and that was really important for
me as a teacher and getting the tools to be able to do that
as administrator was important as well. My advice would be some time
management strategies for someone starting the program. I would encourage them to think with an open mind about their practicum
experience and really challenge themselves to get different experiences in a
practicum. To stretch outside their comfort zone. I
think we are all naturally inclined to go to experiences that we feel the most
comfortable and so to really use that as an
opportunity to learn about things that they don’t already know, to experience
situations that they haven’t experienced before and really use that as
an opportunity to create a more well-rounded perspective of themselves as an
Talk to a lot of people and find out, you know, make sure they know
exactly what they’re getting into and make sure they’re doing it for the right
reasons. Be prepared for a very intense but rewarding year.

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